About The Notes

I have been taking notes for more than a quarter-century. The towering pile of these  wonderings is speaking back to me and my thought is to obtain some peace of mind by putting them out to you, or to the universe, or to whatever it is that is out there.


I have noticed the notes tend to fall into six categories: 1) Thoughts, 2) Americana and Gobalrama  3) Econ 101: The Invisible Hands & Where The Play Is At (sic.),  4) Trending or Disappearing Words & Phrases, 5) A Spiritual Matter, 6) Bits & Scraps. All were generated by something which caused me to wonder; something I had read, heard, experienced or simply dreamed up while I should have been concentrating on something else. They are submitted with no ax to grind …and they weave no plot. …Nor do they follow sequentially; but somehow they seem to relate to each other. Perhaps you can explain.

It is my intention to publish a few of these notes several times a week. I will do my best to keep the pace quick and I pledge to take no more than 3 minutes of your time to ingest whatever meaning or inherent interest these writings may impart. I am painfully aware you may be like me in that I am too busy, too distracted, and am in too short of time to spend more than three minutes on almost anything – whether or not the ‘anything’ may be significant,  or of no matter at all. Most important: I do not want to overwhelm you with volume. Better to leave one wanting more, I have read. It is not up to me on this site to bring up current politics or to tell you how to game the stock markets, or how to lose those extra pounds. There are plenty out there who fill your time with those urgencies already.

The purpose of the “Notes From the Room of Wonder” is twofold: 1) To share the wonder, the wonder of it all. Now, I am not one to skip blissfully through the Tulips – delightfully uncaring about the world around me. I do not hold our globe and its inhabitant mankind are heading in a right or righteous direction. To the contrary, I realize, as the Country Western song goes “No one gets out of here alive…”…and I see the waters are rising, and I agree with those who accuse us as being the cause of the oncoming ‘Sixth Great Extinction’… and soon there will be nine billion of us – and all that that implies…and… and you get the drift But, there are many good, interesting, worthwhile and wondrous aspects to this life down here. It is this good, interesting, worthwhile side of the coin I wish to address.

…And 2) To share the intriguing ‘Puzzlement’ of it all. Inherent in the concept of the word “Wonder”  is a conveyance of a  sense of questioning. Not simply: “Why is the sky blue?”…“ But, how come I get to appreciate its blueness? What’s that about?…“And if there is an immortal, caring creator out there – how can She/He or Whatever, find me down here in this little speck of land, at this puny jot of time?” …“And why, why do we think of these unanswerable questions, if they are unanswerable?  And what kind of creator is that?” …“And, of course, why are we here in the first place?”
I am here putting my notes out to you, looking not so much for answers as much as hoping you might have an appreciation and an interest in these same Wonderments which are forming that heaping pile of which I earlier wrote.

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