Trailer to NOTEFLIX’s binge-look, soon to be released “Troubles In The Garden”.  Our hero, The Multicolored Blue-bird of Happness, returning from his battles has been blown off-course and is lost, tired and hungry. He come across a cowardly lion who advises him to play it safe and take any job he can get- rather than continue his struggle to find his way home…What does he do? …To be continued.


I have been trying to solve some of the world’s bigger problems; but lesser items of interest keep coming my way.  Perhaps if I unload some of these smaller matters on you, the bigger ideas will come through:

“ONE SOMETIMES FINDS WHAT ONE IS NOT LOOKING FOR” -Sir Alexander Fleming, (Accidental discoverer of Penicillin):

  • THE BILLY GRAHAM RULE:  (Not a ‘Law’, mind you)  Under this rule, men decline to be alone with a woman, other than their wife.  But what if a man does not have a wife?  Can he be alone with a woman, then?  Congress should get on this immediately.  Me? I wonder if there is an opposite Rule where women decline to be with a man other than their husband?  Even things up.
  • DEMENTIA:  I have read that if you are interested in staving off dementia you could try socializing.  Failing that you could learn anther language.  Sometimes I think learning Mandarin or Polish would be easier than socializing; but if you learn one of those languages would you actually have to speak to somebody to keep dementia at bay?
  • COFFEE:  I have also read that drinking 5 cups of coffee a day can stave off dementia.  I cannot remember how many cups I’ve had today; but this is good news to me, I think.
  • CORPORATIONS: It is said by some – and by several courts, as well,  that “Corporations are people too”.  If this is true, then it might follow that since some people are sociopaths, some corporations are sociopathic too.  Hoo-boy.
  • JOBS:  *Over 90% of all new jobs in the past decade were either temporary or contract based; not ‘Nine- to-Five’ positions.  *There are more Payday loan stores than there are Mcdonald’s.  Is working in a Payday more fun than working in a McDonalds? (Did I write about this  before? I can’t remember)  *One on-line employee in the ‘Retail’ generates $1,000,000 per every three and a half employees in a store. Uh, oh.  *I read that in the past two years more journalists have lost their jobs than have miners.  *NYC has 65,000 fast food workers, more than all the coal miners in coal country.  We lost more than that in ‘Retail’ alone last year.  *4,000,000 fast food workers earn $300 a week before taxes – in case you are interested in these numbers. *Here are a couple of good paying jobs for the near future – if it is a job you are after: Become a bodyguard, a Protector of the very rich.  This will pay well.  Then, if you cannot get one of those, get a job taking care of an old and sick rich person.  Old and sick will not be hard to find – the rich part might require a headhunter.
  • ADVICE:  A #l trick in life is to conceal your insanity – unless you are caught in a crime – then use it as a defense.  Of course you could display insanity if you are a stand-up comic – but if they don’t laugh, drop the act, if it is an act.
  • Studies show a decline in cognitive skills and civic engagement leads to the benefit of those who control the media.  What these studies also say is that ‘Low-brow’  TV (…whatever that is…)  – which is not explicitly political, can have an effect on politics, benefitting those in power…I guess what they are saying is:”…some TV can make you stupid.”   I don’t know how you get paid to conduct such studies.  What I do know is I’m stupider today for what I watched last night – and I want to throw everybody out of office because of it.

Maybe it is a mood; but I feel like warping some well known phrases:

  • “Rarely in history have so many given so much to the wealth of so few.”  (-cem)  Originally: “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” -Sir W. Churchill – Tribute to the R.A.F. 1940
  • “It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.”  (-cem) Originally: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” – C. Dickens  “A Tale of Two Cities” 1859
  • “Oh, What’s the use of wond’ring, whether he’s good or if he’s bad?  He’s your feller and you love him, that’s all there is to that.”  Rogers & Hammerstein “Carousel” 1945  (This needs no altering)

Enjoy yourself, it is later than you think.



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