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Update on Noteflix’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: Questions have been asked: Who was first? A Male?or Woman? or Stuffed Animals? And who made the first Stuffed Animal?  Was it Man, or God? Are Stuffed Animals creatures of a Greater, or Lesser God? They do not answer these questions in Sunday school – because the schools are closed for the time being. We will be able to discuss these things soon, when we return to Normal.  (Come back next week for more answers.)

  • When I was a child I had many questions.  I remember the nun in Sunday school telling us “God made Heaven and Earth…and everything else”.  I asked if God even made the telephone poles.  (I guess it was of interest to me at the time) and the nun came over and thwacked me on the hand and told me not to “…get smart” – and I never did.  But as time goes on I have more questions about God.  I would not have made humans the way they are, for example.  A nun or a priest once told me God made us so “He would not be lonely”.   I’ll bet God is sorry for the company now.  Seriously, I wonder what the scheme is:  What are we to do?  The “Love Each Other” thing never seems to work out. We have not improved the planet as far as I can tell; unless our role is to pave the place over and pollute the air and waters.  If that is our mission, then our work here is almost done.
  • About five years ago Stephan Hawking said we have 1,000 years left on this planet before we devour all our resources…so that would leave 995 years to go.  But my calculations show me the figure is closer to 42, give or take…unless we make some changes.  I’m not predicting an Apocalypse, I’m just saying we could run out of stuff and our patience with each other will become even more limited.  (Maybe it’s the food I had for lunch.)
  • Here is a question: Have you, recently, learned anything from somebody with whom you disagree?  If so, please write in and share the experience.
  • 4 UNRELATED STUDIES:  1) I read a STUDY that shows people treated by female doctors have a higher survival rate.  It went on to say, “If you are treated by a female Doctor, your risk of dying the next month is lower.”   2) Another STUDY finds: Gun violence gets far less research than other major cause of death.  Yes; but “other major causes of death”, you can do something about.  3) Several STUDIES are showing Drones are killing more people than”originally thought”.   Who were the original thinkers on this?  If they had asked me I would have told them I thought drones would kill more people than you would think.  Apparently, the thinking now goes…it is easier to press the drone ‘the kill button’, then it is to actually kill someone up front and personal. Who would have thought?  DUH.   4) A recent STUDY shows: Ponzi scenes are down in recessions and hard economic times.  Who pays for these STUDIES?  (Maybe this means the economy is better than I thought.)
  • MAYBE A 5th STUDY:  I think they should do a STUDY on:  Sleep Positions and Dreams.  Do people have more nightmares if they sleep on their right side?  Or left side? Or wherever?  Does the “Hurdler’s” position effect the dream in any way?  What about the “Spread Eagle”?  Are dreams easier to remember depending on whether you sleep face down?   That sort of study would be of interest to me and of greater use than knowing about the lack of studies on gun violence, even though I have occasional nightmares about guns no matter what position I sleep in.  Speaking of Dreams, have you noticed that the dreams depicted in movies are not like the ones you have?   I think movie makers must sleep in odd positions to come up with what they come up with. Most dreams I see in movies  tend to give me nightmares.
  • One last piece: I read the goat-herders in Mongolia are letting their goats eat all the grass on the Mongolian Plains in such a way that the grass will never grow back.  Even though I do not plan to go to the Mongolian Plains, this news disturbs me.  Maybe, it is just another sign that our work here is almost done.  (Or, as I mentioned earlier, it might have been something I ate.)
  • And now a word from our guest columnist MATHUZALA:


  • You and your studies!  ‘They’ did a study on mice where they made them live in Columbus, Ohio and then  they studied the effects of the City’s pollution on them.  They found: Severe memory loss, shortness of breath and a decrease in longevity.  It was determined it was cruel and unusual punishment to force these animals to live in Columbus (I am not making this up!)  We are doing studies on you and are finding: Many of you already have memory loss and are replacing knowledge with belief in bizarre stories.  The pollution in Washington D.C., for example, had someone going around muttering ‘I will work from early in the morning until late in the evening.  I will make many calls and have many meetings.’  He said this for 3 weeks before he was transplanted to a cage in a warmer climate.
  • Learning new patterns of behavior is difficult.  Unlearning old ways is even more painful.  But we will teach you…”

If you want to learn more,  firsthand,  from MATHUZALA, please go to Amazon, or Barnes and Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS”.

And now we leave you with a thought from one who has gone before us:

  • “God don’t make no mistakes – that’s how he got to be God.” -Archie Bunker,  All in the Family


The TEDDIES: A refresher: Pictured above are the candidates for:  Best Actress in a Romantic role, Worst Villain, Biggest Hairy Pig ever, Best Romantic Couple, and Best lead Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness in a Romantic role. Some say,”The election is rigged.”  We say, “Let’s move on.” For the last few weeks, we have been working on this from early in the mornings ’til late at night. We have had many meetings and made many phone calls …and we  are finished with it.

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