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Below, we will submit words and phrases.  We will give you an opportunity to see if you are familiar with how they are being used.  The correct answers will be provided at the end of this posting.*  Do not cheat.

GRIZZLY STEP:  a) A fun dance coming from Alaskan Millennials  b) A footprint first believed to be from “Bigfoot”; but now found to be from a large bear  c) Russian Hacking

TO FRAME THE NARRATIVE:  (Clue: These words are really only used by politicians and their pundits.)  a) To obscure the truth, or to downright lie  b) To tell a story  c) a form of ‘NEWSPEAK’  d) All of the above

PREIPISM:  a) The belief in the usage of the Preipi (South American) shrub for the removal of psoriasis and other ailments of the skin  b) A spider bite poison that if given just a little, can cause sexual arousal in older men – and if given just a little too much, can cause painful death  (The spider is not named here because so doing could result in its extinction.)

KING TIDES:  a) The new soap coming a store near you, which will remove almost all stains and you can put all your whites and colors in the machine – together – and use hot or cold water and never make any mistakes with your laundry – ever again  b) Surging waters – up in number – in some coastal parts of this country – recently from 1 to 2 a year, now  30 to 45 a year.

DOOM-LOOP:  (No choices here)  Americans not having babies because it is too expensive to have child care for the babies (Child-care is more expensive than college in many states) and some communities are shrinking in population and yet we do not want immigration to ensue, yet we want more people, especially young people to come into our communities to do the work and contribute to our social programs, especially the Social Security program – that would help keep Soc. Sec funded for a few more years – but yet we do not want immigrants to take advantage of our social programs – so we need more babies, but we cannot afford them…and so the loop loops on. We are doomed.

CONE OF UNCERTAINTY:  a) The cone your veterinarian gives to you to put on your dog – because he does not want the dog to hate him – instead the dog will hate you   b) This refers to the five minutes the idiot in front of you takes at the gelato bar to determine if it will be Stracciatella or Coffee  c) The sweeping, potential sweeping path of a hurricane –  shown on your television screen before the actual storm arrives




  • Studies show:  Of every 28 male psychopaths, there is but one woman psychopath. (What nut-job did these studies? Probably a woman.)  Studies also show that the amygdala in psychopaths have shrunken on average 18%.  So, if you are concerned about your amygdala shrinking, you should exercise it more.  (I have not yet come across any readings that show you how to do that.)
  • My readings do tell me:  If left to their own devices the Japanese will eat all the world’s fish.  They have already eaten almost all of the eels – and I am not saying that is a bad thing – but they are also eating more attractive fish, like whales.  I know Whales are not technically fish; but you know what I am saying.  The Japanese are not the only ones eating everything to oblivion; but we can only report so much in this posting.
  • Scientists have found after they have fed a toxic amount of sugar to mice, that those mice incurred health and reproductive problems…they became less inclined to do things they needed to do to survive…the females died sooner than their non-sugared counterparts…males lost interest in their territory.  (The obvious question here is: How much is a ‘toxic amount’ and if this study is to relate to humans –  the next question is:  Can we safely use sugar substitutes and avoid all those problems the mice are having?)
  • As CO2 builds up, the flights will get rougher.  More turbulence.  They are also saying the Jet Stream is getting stronger and ‘chunkier’ (uneven).  So, pay attention to the flight attendant and learn how to use the buckle and bring one of your own little disposable bags for the next flight.


(*Answers to the Word Test: The best answer in each case is the last answer given.)


Two thought provokers to take you through, until the next posting:

  •  ” ‘Corporations are people too’ is redistribution of wealth by other means.” (-cem)

Or, on the lighter side:

  •   “You will always eat well, and you never will hear the truth again.”  Told to Admiral Mullen when he received his Admiralty.

Take care out there…




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