There is an Owl in there, somewhere. You have to believe.

Hello Pilgrims,


  • Studies show a large body of water – “A vast reserve” resides 1,000 to 10,000 feet below ground in the Central Valley of California.  This means:
  1. Californians can keep their sprinklers going full blast.  This is good news.
  2. Californians should not dig down there and ruin that water too.  That would be bad news.
  3. They should bring that water up  and deal with spillage and waste later.  Under future Governors things will be better.  That would be real news.
  • I have read that 40% of Americans breathe polluted air on a daily basis.  This shortens lives, impairs learning, increases the risk of dementia and is associated with psychotic episodes.  (I guess the ‘Good News’ is 60% of Americans don’t breathe polluted air on a daily basis.)
  • Flash: Washington State has approved the allowing of Human Composting.  (You have to be dead, of course, to take advantage of this.  But I have read that many of us are not decomposing as we used to because we now have so many preservatives in our bodies that …well, we simply don’t decompose properly anymore.
  • A follow up on the above:  You can now buy bio-degradable mushroom suits to be buried in.  (I’m not making this stuff up.  You could look it up.)   Apparently mushrooms neutralize polluting toxins that have built up in the body. Perhaps, those of us who have ingested a lot of preservatives will need to be covered in three piece suits, or maybe they could make a nice overcoat.  I’m sure the mushroom people will make anything for the money.
  • Speaking of money and death and such, it has occurred to me that since our society is so ‘Credit Score’ conscious (conscientious?), someday, someone will have engraved  on his Headstone “Here Lies” So And So’s Body.  When he departed he had a credit Score of 840.  He rests in Peace”.

Now that Football season is behind us, it might be possible to say a few words – without getting the reader all riled up.

  • According to studies: Rapes on college campus’s go up on Home Game day.  (And they make a movie about Concussions?)
  • Yes they do – and 1 in 3 pro players have concussion effects that they know of.  (Is the fan complicit in this, somehow? fun as the game is?)
  • A former NFL player, a quarterback no less, has come out of retirement to advertise a new razor blade.  (How embarrassing is that?  Don’t these guys get enough money from their pensions?  Do they have gambling problems?  Everybody needs more money, I guess.  {See last bullet in above section, this post.}  I tried the blade, by the way – it is pretty good.)
  • A metaphor:  The Fifty Yard line is moving to the left…and the Millennials are on the Left of the 30…and studies show the older Americans are moving to the left…so move over Karl.  Not to worry, the Fifty is going to be under 3 feet of water if the Capitalists don’t get out of their seats and do something about the weather.

Enough of this and now for:


  • I read that when undergrads repeated strong swear words they were able to keep a hand submerged in icy water about 40 seconds longer than when they repeated a neutral word.  Here are my thoughts on this:  1) Are we running out of things to study?  2) How much does college cost again?  3) When I held my hand in icy water I could not think of a ‘neutral’ word to utter.)
  • It is said we spend 3 to 4 times more money on our prison system then we do on our school system.  (Why don’t we move our prisoners into our schools and move our children into the prisons and be done with it…)
  • I read where Burger King is about to deliver food to you, in your car, while you are stuck in traffic (Via Motorcycle).  Good godamighty…is this constant chasing after every one of our dollars never going to end?   The poor guy on the motorcycle is just trying to keep his credit score up, so who am I to complain?
  • Quick and fast loans are all the rage again.  They are being advertised on TV, Billboards, Newspapers, robo-calls, you name it – they are back.  Does this make you think:
  1. This is good news?
  2. I wonder what my ‘Credit Score is?
  3. You are going to buy a second or third home?
  4. “This is of no significance to me.”
  5. Here we go again?

I leave you with the chorus from a song Willie & Merle sang on ‘Django & Jimmie’

“It’s all going to pot.

Whether we like it or not.

Best I can tell, the world’s going to Hell

I’m sure going to miss it a lot.”


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