A Bigger Owl Comes to the Feed –  Sadder but Wiser.



  • I read where a study shows the back seats of Ride-Sharing cars (UBER/LYFT/etc.) carry 30,000 times as many germs as the average toilet seat and 219 times as many as the back seat of a licensed cab. These facts generate several thoughts:
  1. Thank goodness most of us go to the bathroom on a toilet seat, rather than in the back of an UBER.
  2. What is the formula for figuring out how many times dirtier is a Taxi’s back seat than a Toilet seat?  You do the math.
  3. Was this study paid for by the Taxi Lobby?  or the Toilet Seat manufacturer’s lobby?
  4. Studies like this make me despair over the progress of man.
  • Studies are showing people respond better (health-recovery-wise) if the Doctor involved actually knows the patient – other than simply the various medical exam results.  Something to do with empathy.  But Doctor/patient relationships are hard to achieve nowadays because of the  high numbers of patients and the low numbers of doctors and the low number of hours in the day.
  • One out of four Americans cannot afford the prescriptions doctors write for them.  But this means three out of four can afford to pay for their drugs – so, buy Big Pharma stocks.
  • 20% – 30% of prescriptions are never taken – and half of those who do take the meds do not follow the instructions.  Do these people vote?  That is what I want to know.  There ought to be a law, especially for elected officials in “High Places” – they should be forced to take their meds.
  • I read that we like it when doctors wear white coats; but what we don’t know is doctors’ white coats are often contaminated.  Yes.  16% of coats tested positive for MRSA, 42% had anti-biotic resistant bacteria.  Something about not putting the white coats in the washing machine often enough.  7% have them cleaned less than once a month.  50% less than once a week.  Even I know all you have to do is put them in a hot wash cycle, add a little Clorox –  ‘Deep Wash’ would be best. I guess they don’t teach that kind of thing in Medical School.
  • On a lighter note:  They have done a study where they take the brains of dead pigs and then pump artificial blood into the dead pigs’ brains to see what they could see.  What they found was some slow; but some cellular re-growth.  Where do you stand on this issue?
  1. Do you want some of that artificial blood pumped into your brain?
  2. Do you think studies like this emanate from people sitting around and having too much time with nothing to do?
  3. Do you think ‘they’ should let dead pigs lie?

(There are no correct answers.)


  • Getting “UBER-IZED”:  This means becoming disrupted by a digital upstart.  For example, if you had a Digitally based business, or any kind of business, come to think of it – and someone came along with a faster, or cheaper, or higher tekked digitally based business, you could be run out of business; you would be UBER-IZED.  This term is morphing into anything that replaces anything.  You could have a job and be replaced by a robot – you would be UBER-IZED.  (This term has nothing to do with being seated alongside more than 30,000 germs.)
  • COOPING:  This is a term in reference to a police behavior.  It refers to when police take naps in their cars.  Or when they eat doughnuts while parked in: Cemeteries, cul-de-sacs, alleys and dead end streets. That’s ‘Cooping ‘ for you.  From what I’ve read in a lot of newspapers recently, the cops should be doing more cooping and less of  the other things many of them are doing.

Before the closing, I will submit two thoughts: The first is for those of you who are thinking of running for political office.  The second is for those who watch those who are running for political office.

  1. ” Never debate with an amateur.” -William Buckley
  2. “There is a man in the sky: he knows everything, and he sees everything…and he needs your money.”  -G. Carlin

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