Director’s PRE-EDIT view of preview scene to NOTEFLIX’s production of “TROUBLES IN THE GARDEN”. Our hero, the Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness, returning from his battles, is still lost  and confused. He has landed in the Dark Woods of Forbidden Roots. It is so dangerous we used our hero’s stunt double to do the actual shot.  (See below for the final photo-shopped  and edited picture.


WHAT’S YOUR NAME?  WHAT CITY ARE YOU IN?  …(Questions the ‘Cut-man’ asks his boxer to see if he is fit to fight another round.)

  • Sometimes I wonder whether things are truly worse than they were, or were they worse then; but I did not know how bad it was then – and was it always as scary and dangerous out there as it is?  But we just know more about it all because of all the media, the clouds & the Internets with all their tubes and clicks and the iPhones and do not forget the hyper storms.   Of course, back in the day there were not 7 billion, going on 9 billion people rustling about and wanting food, your food, and medical care and jobs and your jobs.  It can be inhibiting or invigorating – depending on your point of view and how well off you are.
  • Sometimes I wonder if the wrong people are dying.  And then I wonder if other people think like that.  Not all my thoughts go down in the gloom.  For example, every once in a while I see a car go by that has wheels that make the tires look like they are spinning backward – when the car is actually going forward – and I wonder why people want to have a car that looks like that – and who are they?  And what else is wrong with them?  (At least I am not looking into my phone while driving). 
  • Studies show that if you are born of a C-Section you are more likely to become obese – than if you were born naturally. This chips away at the concept that we are all born on an equal playing field, or that ‘Free-will’ has everything to do with how we turnout.  Me? I was born in the back seat of a car and I have had a weight issue from time to time – maybe that is not my fault after all.  There was not enough room in the back seat to do a C-Section, but, still, there were complications -which could explain a lot.  More studies need be made.
  • PLEONEXIA:  Where you want more than your share.  I am surprised this word is not in everyday parlance. I see PLEONEXIA all around me.  Sometimes I even have it, though I rarely get it.  I have a friend who is a PLEONEXIA-PHOBE.  She is a nun.
  • GATHERER-STORER:  A term I think I’ve invented.  Remember when we were hunter-gatherers?  Then we became Farmers and our bones became less dense and softer and then we became gatherer-consumers…and now we gather and store and our bones are so soft, our backs cannot support us – and we have terrible back-pain…and we still want more than we can consume and sometimes the only thing that will make some of us happy is to put something on our tires that make us look like we are going in the other direction.
  • TWO (2) MILLION DOLLAR IDEAS:  1) We should hold an auction, the purpose of which is to give new names to the constellations.  No one knows who or what these star clusters are named after:  Orian, Pegasus, Ursus – give me a break. But we know the name of:  GOOGLE, AMAZON and NETFLIX.  Can you see them up there, (f you can even see the night sky)?  And they would pay plenty to have their names in the heavens.  And nowadays there are Galaxies to be named, too.  We could sell names to all the Fortune 500.  I want 10% of the deal.  A question was asked how you make a million as a jazz musician – and the answer was “You marry a millionaire”.  Ta-da Boom!  So, #2) You want upward mobility?  You want to be a millionaire?  Marry a millionaire.

Today, we end this piece with three seemingly disparate pieces of advice, or wisdom, or foolishness – depending on your point of view, or how well off you are:

  • “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair
  • “No Man – No Problems.”  -Creed of Joseph Stalin
  • 1984 was supposed to be a warning, not an instruction”  (-I believe I read that quotation in a George Will column)
  • “You can fool some of the people, and some of the people you can fool, you can fool all the time.” (-cem)

Final cut. It’s a wrap. (-Editor)


Until next time,

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