Preview to NOTEFLIX’s forthcoming release: “Troubles In The Garden”. Our hero, The Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness is still lost, trying to get home after his battles.  He has found what he thinks is a safe tree – and he thinks he might settle there…forgetting about his true home…not realizing this is a stupid move, for danger lurks behind…in the unknown. (To be continued)


  • EPISTOMOLOGICAL CRISIS:  This is the theory that the nature of knowledge is being tested to the very core. What is what? Is there “Global Warming”?  “Prove that gravity exists!”  “Guns do not kill people”.   It seems we are in that crisis mode now and now you have a name for it.  Henry Ford opined that “History is bunk.”  And the update of that is “Science is bunk” (-cem)  Me?  I was never good at science in school; but that did not mean I thought it was not a valid approach to understanding or doing.  Which brings to mind another term:
  • COMMON UNINTELLIGIBILITY:  This refers to a mystery that hangs in plain sight, like gravity, or (for some) Climate Change, or Dark Matter and Dark Energy (which  some scientists say make up 96% of our universe – even though we know nothing about it).  The point is: just because we do not like something, or understand something – it does not mean it does not exist.
  • ZENO said that we cannot walk because before we can complete our first step we must cover half the distance and before that a quarter of the distance and so on infinitely.  (Me? I say the opposite: If you go the other way you will get there in no time. -cem)  But, I think the point is  – sometimes we have to go forward, even if we do not understand how or why.

If you think you are more confused about things because of what you have just read, then think about me and my condition for having just written about them.  So, in the spirit of uncertainty, I offer the following tidbits:

  • OLD ADAGE:  “When the price of oil goes down – you may not like the reason why.”  And that is probably true…it might mean there is a glut caused by worldwide recession, for example.  But I think if the price of oil goes up – you may not like that either.  Less money in your pocket.  So, does that mean you like the price just where it is.  I bet not.  We just do not like the price of oil; wherever it is.  (See EPISTOMOLOGICAL CRISIS above.)
  • INCONVENIENT NEWS:  On the one hand I have learned most of our problems are the result of solutions to previous problems; but on the other hand I think if we address our problems, rather than deny them, we are most likely to prosper from our near term solutions.  I have not read enough of history, bunk or otherwise, but my sense is history does not favor those who shy away from the issues of COMMON UNINTELLIGIBILITY.


  • More golf courses are closing than opening. This has been going on for almost a decade.  Something to do with Real Estate and the price you pay to play.
  • As Japan is aging, more people are dying from choking to death than from traffic accidents.  I do not know what you can do with this fact.
  • 1/3rd of New Zealanders are overweight.  2/3rds of us are overweight. Only Tonga is more overweight than we are.  I don’t know what they are eating in Tonga; but it must be good.
  • Cold makes you burn calories. Burning calories makes you lose weight. So, since it is getting warmer, it is getting harder to lose weight.  I see where a guy has invented a vest you can fill with ice and lose weight as you walk around.  Why did I not think of that?  I will invent a bathtub you can fill with ice and lose more weight siting in the tub than walking around in a vest full of ice. Problem solving at its best. (See INCONVENIENT NEWS above.)

And now – summing it all up from other sources:

  • “To the person who does not know where he wants to go – there is no favorable wind.” -Seneca,  4 B.C. – 65 A.D.
  • “Too Late”…General D. MacArthur summing up what can be said about all military disasters.  (The same can be said about all disasters.)
  • “‘A cynic is one who knows the price of everything – and the value of nothing.” Oscar Wilde, 1854-1900
  • “He who does not move, does not notice his chains. – Sainte Gertrude La Grande  1256-1301

Keep a move on…

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