Story Line from NOTEFLIX’s production: “Troubles in the Garden”: Our hero, The Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness, trying to find home after his battles, and seeking redemption after having pulled an all-nighter with some mushrooms – goes down to the waters to wash his wings. But will they cleanse? (To be continued.)


  • The United States has the highest percentage of CLIMATE-CHANGE DENIERS of any developed nation. 15%.  In Second Place comes Saudi Arabia.
  • OVERFISHING has reduced the size of many fish species.  The smaller survive because the fishermen tend to throw them back.  Apparently the water getting warmer is good for the little guys.  However, it is getting tougher for the fishermen.  They have to go further out to sea because of the polluted waters next to the coast.  I read the Arabian Sea is polluted.  See?  That proves Saudi Arabis is a developed country.  I have a question which lurks in the dark regions of my troubled mind:  Will we pollute the waters and kill the fish off before we eat them all?  Forgive me this time – I will lighten things up in the future.  But this is not the future now, so I have another question I ask myself: Should our EPA take into consideration the costs of our polluting, or our clean-ups, in deciding what actions to take?  Who decides?  You?  The Courts?  Business?
  • Over 90% of the world’s population is breathing polluted air.  A) There must be money to be made in this. B) Where are the other 10%?  C) This ought to test that bromide “If it does not kill you, It makes you stronger.”  I don’t think so.  The times are a-changing.  I have read where somebody said ” Times may have changed; but they never were what you thought they were – and they are not what you think they are.” So there.
  • Since I’ve seemed to fall in a bit of a negative swirl – and the only way out is through – I might as well add these notes: Some PESTICIDES, I’ve read, could lead to fertility problems, could damage sperm and lower sperm counts (which I guess would be a good thing, if they were damaged in the first place).  Fruits and vegetables are at risk here – and so are we.  And then I’ve read about how we in the U.S. add chlorine to our chickens.  And the French won’t take our chickens across their border because they don’t like chlorine.  (Speaking of France, did you hear the French passed a bill criminalizing the use of excessively thin models by modeling agencies in the fashion business?  That would not pass muster here, what with ‘Free Speech’ and all.
  • DISTRACTED WALKING is up 25% per year over recent years – in every age group.  I never knew about DISTRACTED WALKING until a few months ago, when I almost got hit by a car, while I was placing an important order to Starbucks.
  • I read that making tax law is different than the making of sausages in that when you make sausages you know the pigs won’t be coming back.  Oh, and speaking of taxes –  I think of spending tax dollars and then how we spend them for social purposes…and then I read where some of our ‘Powers that Be’ would remove ‘junk food’ from the food subsidies availability list.  So, I guess that means the only people who can eat junk food are those who live pay-check to pay-check and the Rich.  Do I have that right?
  •  Every day, 41 million Americans eat at least one slice of pizza.  The big pizza companies are known to lobbying a lot of money so we Americans are not bothered with calorie counts written all over the box. (Finally, some good news.)
  • Studies show there is no evidence that going to the doctor helps reduce obesity.  No data citing doctor visits help.
  • If you go to Japan and have a diverticulitis attack, the doctor will have to look it up in the manual – because it is not a known ailment over there.  But, you say, they have their own set of problems.  True that.

My allotment is spent – so I will  leave you with a few quotations which are in keeping with the tone of this posting.

  • “I am going to die now….Am I still alive?…I was afraid of this…Well, sometimes the magic works.  Sometimes it doesn’t” -Grandfather, in “Little Big Man”
  • “If they wanted you to hold on to the money, they’d have made it with handles on it. ” -Poker player Jack ‘Treetop’ Shetes
  • “The whole object of travel is not to set foot on Foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.”     -C.K. Chesterton
  • “See that you don’t go crazy.” -Grandfather, in “Little Big Man”


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