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We will start this posting with some unrelated items to wonder about – to help you get your mind off things…

  • India shot a rover to Mars on their first try. This feat has been likened to hitting a golf ball in Delhi and getting it to London in one swing. This trick cost them $77 million  – less than it cost us to make the movie “Gravity”.  What is that?  I thought they were all starving over there and basically doing nothing but making goods, on the cheap, for us to enjoy.  Wrong.  It is hard to keep up.
  • Studies show heating oil causes more pollution than cars do.  This could be good news since it is getting warmer and warmer we will need to use less heating oil –  and then we will be better off – and only have cars to deal with.  But soon, all the cars will be electric and all our problems will be solved.  Do I have that Right?
  • Speaking of cars, I read that more people have died from cars than from any other human invention.  However, last year more people died from suicide than from cars.  I’m not conflating suicide with inventions; but I am saying it seems like a lot of people down here are not having a good time of it.  I’ve had this thought that this world will not end with a bang, nor a whimper; but with a flat tire.
  • In Kansas, (where Dorothy wanted to go back to), the rule is welfare Beneficiaries can only take $25 from an ATM at a time.  But the banks issue only $20 bills and the banks charge a coupl’a dollars for the service.  It seems the banks are stomping bigly on the Beneficiaries.  The yellow brick road is paved over with bad intentions.
  • Looking around, I have decided most of us should not eat in public.
  • If you are over 65 and feel the stress of life, you are 33% more likely to die before those who don’t.  This may well be the last thing you ever get from me.  However, I have also read that exercise is the only true stress reliever.  So, I am going to do a few push-ups after this piece and maybe I’ll make it to the next posting.
  • There are over 4,500 Federal statutes…A stack of Nine King James’ bibles is not as tall as our Federal statues – just so you know.  Then there are State statutes…and ignorance of the law is no excuse – and therefor, you are probably always guilty of something – all the time.  Yes, you are not innocent, just because you are not caught, you are still guilty.  That’s in the law, somewhere.
  • It used to be when a problem was written about in the newspapers – it was half solved. Today, when a problem is mentioned in the newspapers, it becomes yesterday’s news.  (That’s me thinking.)  Also, a problem with no known solution is not a problem; it is a fact of life – until the Scientists get hold of it – or the Deniers.
  • Who are these people who brought Pythons to the states as pets?…and then threw them into the Everglades?  There are over 200,000 of these reptiles slithering around in there now and no one eats them.  No one.  The fear is the Pythons are crowding each other out and heading north.  How do those snake-people live with themselves?
  • The plan is to rate colleges. How?  By how well their teams do?  By the jobs the grads get? By how much fun it was?  By the education received?  How? I’ve read there are more Prisons & Jails in the U.S. then there are Colleges & Universities. So, put College courses in the Prisons and we could get a few more stars in our rating system, whatever it is.

Here is a quip:

  • “There are two great rules of life, the one general and the other particular.  The first is that everyone can, in the end, get what he wants, if he only tries.  That is the general rule.  The particular rule is that every individual is, more or less, an exception to the rule.”    -Samual Butler



NOTEFLIX’s  Story Line: Our hero, The Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness, is having a bad dream. He imagines he has fallen into an alternative dimension and is lost in a parking lot of the land of cellular beings and machines and pavement and confusing rules and regulations.  Will he wake up soon and head for home? (To be continued.)


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