Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: Our lead, loving couple Mamzelle Pinkie and the Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness are having  a bit of a smooch – after all, it is Spring and they need not reap nor toil. Bork the Angry Purple Slug, has no use for any of this. He hates flowers – even though he has no nose to smell. And he hates Spring and all the gooey romantic things that come with. He has a smile, though, for he has a plan to ruin everything for everybody else. There are always such critters. Come back next week to see more action)



  • GUNS:  This week I read that last year, in the U.S., there were more than 77,000 guns stolen from cars.  This is a compilation from police blotters of 271 cities.  No one has put together what the real number is.  The mind boggles.
  • IMAGINE THIS:  I have been told “If we can imagine it, we can make it happen!”…and we have seen that come true many times. Dick Tracy talked into his wristwatch over 60 years ago (Think iPhones), Da Vinci imagined parachutes and flying machines hundreds of years ago. (Think Parachute Troopers and B-51 Bombers)   ‘Chaimum’s Cantina’ in Star Wars. (Think all the crazy Qanon-ers Drinking the cool-aid in the Texan pubs.) We’ve imagined repeat rifles, big bombs, Qanon theories – all before their time.  Somebody recently imagined ‘Aircraft Carrier Drones’ whatever they are – and our Defense Department is having them made for us. We have to stop people like this from dreaming. When I’m President I will allow only good imaginings. That’s a promise.
  • PRICE SHEILDS:  This is a new economic term and I think it may not last long.  In France and some other European countries, some of the major retailers have announced they are putting “Caps” (or Price Shields) on certain goods, from now until July. Items such as:  Toilet paper, Soaps, Catsup – things like that. Years ago, our government put in price controls, a couple of times, to stem inflation …but this time it looks like Big Retail may try to lead the way…Not Big Oil, nor Big Landlords and “People”  like that, mind you; but still, a firm price on toilet paper would be a good thing.
  • PRAYER:  I was in Florence (Italy) the other day.  The streets were jam-packed with students and tourists from the rest of Europe and the U.S.  I dropped into a church that was over a thousand years old.  Beautiful frescoes on the ceiling, Old Masterpieces depicting the Stations of the Cross – a handsome Romanesque building.  I had a quiet moment, some Godly music was being piped in from somewhere – perhaps heaven, and then I realized I was the only one in the church.  Everybody else in Florence was outside merrily walking about, mostly eating Gelatos.  It hit me that the people are either not yet concerned about what is going on what with:  Ukraine, Inflation, Climate Change, et al., and in no need of prayer, or they are at the “Eat, Drink and be merry stage…”
  • STUDENTS:  A report says the paddling of students is still going on in the Deep South of the U.S.  If you did a map overlay you would see the paddling is occurring only in Republican States.  Just saying.  There are some things you feel you know and other things you know you feel and other things you feel you do not know and and would rather not feel or know and the only good thing that can come from this is somebody steals the guns from the paddler’s cars.
  • INCOMING:  The Medium income in and around ‘The District’ (Washington D.C.) is double that of the rest of the country.  As Willie Sutton, deceased Bank Robber, would suggest, “Go where the money is!”


A few words from our resident rodent guest Columnist MATHUZALA:


  • Yea, the birds neither reap nor sow and the flowers neither toil nor spin…but we rats reap and spin and have a good time of it…so, each to his or her own; in his or her own way – we say.”

For more of MATHUZALA’S wisdom, please go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS.” and have a good time of it.



  • Every year, about this time, our little Piazza holds a Flower Festival for a whole weekend. Flowers as far as the eye can see and the nose can smell. People come from kilometers around. Here is a picture to give you the idea. Enough said.


A quote, or three:

  • “The mark of a Great Ship Handler is not to get in a situation where you need great ship handling.’  -I read this somewhere; but cannot find who said it.
  • “No one ever made a decision because of a number.  They need a story.”  -Daniel Kahneman Nobel Prize winner, Economist.  But I’ve read a lot of stories about kids and other people getting shot by guns – and no decisions have been made because of these stories.
  • “I went to Oakland and there was no there, there.” -Gertrude Stein.  …and in that vein: “I went to West Virginia but what was there there was no longer there.” -cem (Think Strip Mining)



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