Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: During our filming break, our Food Service crew supplied our cast with five kilos of Tortellini and Ravioli – which is ridiculous for Stuffed Animals do not eat food. This will be the only picture of this pasta because the two humans on our staff will eat the whole thing before the next shoot. (Also, see if you can find how this photo relates to a portion of the blog below. You discovery will be its own reward.)



  • LONE STAR TIC:  ALERT!  There is a Tic, coming up from Texas – of course – called the ‘Lone Star Tic’.  What this Tic does is it bites you and then you become allergic to eating red meat.  (I am not making this up.)  You get bitten , you develop the ‘Alpha Gal Syndrome’.  You know you have it because after you eat red meat you get a rash, develop hives, have abdominal pain and diarrhea sets in.  You can never eat red meat again, unless those symptoms are not that bothersome to you.  Me?  I wonder if this is not Mother Nature applying some sort of justice to what we consume.  I notice some of those symptoms also occur when some people drink too many beers.  Maybe there is a beer Tic that has been biting around; but not yet identified. 
  • DOOM, OR JUSTICE?:  NASA has been claiming, since 1988,  that Global warming has been occurring…and there have been more than 28 heat record breaking years since then.  The typical  American reaction to this tends to be: 1) So?  What can I do about it?  Another round, Bartender.  2) NASA lies.  3) Aren’t we supposed to be defunding NASA?…In another part of the world, Tehran, the clerics have predicted a killer earthquake, “The Big One”, will kill millions – to pay an angry God for women driving and dressing immodestly and men going astray.  It seems to me that in the U.S. some Religious Groups are saying the same sort of thing.  This is a sign of hope, for it shows people in different parts of the world can agree on some big issues.
  •  UNRELATED, BUT INTERESTING STATS YOU COULD BANDY ABOUT; NOW THAT YOU CAN GO OUT OF THE HOUSE AND TALK TO OTHER PEOPLE:  1) 95% of (Incumbent) U.S. Congressmen get re-elected…only 85% of members of the Presidium (Russian) get re-elected.  We throw the bums out at a lower rate than they do.  What is that? 2) The Sun makes up 99.8% of the Solar System’s matter.  You think this is big; they have discovered a Black Hole that is thousands of times bigger than the Sun.  If those figures don’t make you feel small; nothing will.  3) On Average, water makes up 60% of the human body.  Most Americans believe the water percentage is much higher – but they are wrong, according to Google and other impeccable sources..  Women have less water in them than men do – which is surprising to many.  3) The U.S. Economy is 80% Services and 20% Goods.  Back in the ’50’s this was just about reversed.  Where this is going and what this means – no one knows -except for, perhaps, Elon Musk who seems to know a lot these days. All I know is producing Goods and Servicing each other requires a lot of water and we are running out of it out West and other places. Some religious sects believe there is an angry God acting up.   4) I read every drop of water that ever existed on earth is still on Earth.  If that is so, where is it?  And what about those drops of water that went to the moon?  What about them? What about specks of dirt? Have they studied that? I think there is more dirt now than there ever was. 
  • NEW FOOD COMING TO YOU:  A lot of plants that we eat are having trouble growing as much as they used to; because of pollution, climate change, etc.  “Most plants produce a stress hormone that acts as a stop signal for growth…” so says the science.  But there is a type of plant  – an ‘Extremeophyte’ which accelerates its growth in response to this stress hormone.  These ‘Extremeophytes’ are growing in greater abundance these days.  All we have to do is figure out how to cook them up in a tasty way.   Problem solved.

And now a few words from our Rodent Guest Columnist MATHUZALA:


  • “Aaaahhh my little pea-pods, if you feel lost and alone in this world where there are many problems too big to be solved.  If you feel lost you are on the right path.  If you feel alone, you can join us – we never feel lonely; for we are a tightly knitted pack, no matter who is amongst us.

Were you to want to know more about MATHUZALA and his wisdom please go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS” and get on the right path.



Starting this weekend until the end of September, our Piazza will host different events for the joy of the people who visit or live here.  We kick off the season and celebrate the “Slow Food” movement which started in 1999.  This is  a counter culture-movement to the “Fast Food” and frenetic paced way of today’s world.  “Slow Food” is dedicated to  respect of traditions through slow and quiet living.”  Today, our Piazza is filled with Cheese, Sauces, hand made Pasta vendors – and more.  In our enthusiasm, we purchased 2 kilos of tortellini this morning. The video below tells it all.








A few salient quotes:

  • “God’s enacting justice.”  -Charlie Munger, Vice-Chairman Berkshire Hathaway in referring to the huge price decline in the Stock of Robinhood.   …and equally prescient:
  • “No man is alone while eating spaghetti.”  -Christopher Morley (Spaghetti being considered a “Slow Food”)

That’s it for now…and goodnight to Maizie & Chloe wherever you are.

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