Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”;  A few  Members of our cast have gathered around what they think might be a repository of Man’s knowledge. They hope to absorb what they can and see if they can understand what is going on. What they do not know is it has always been thus – and it looks like it will be thus again.


RATHER THAN TELLING YOU SOMETHING NEW, I AM GOING TO SHOW YOU SOME  OLD QUOTES – WHICH MIGHT REMIND YOU OF SOMEONE, OR SOMETHING ELSE.  (…for the fun of it, see if you can think of who said what, before you read the truth…)

  • “A barbarian who cannot write a sentence of grammar and can hardly spell his own name.”  I know you thought this was some liberal carping about our former President: but it was John Quincy Adams speaking about Andrew Jackson.
  • “May God save the country, for it is evident the people will not.”               -Millard Fillmore speaking in despair of an oncoming Presidential election.
  • “He is such an infernal liar.”  -Ulysses S. Grant speaking about Andrew Johnson...Who is a favorite of #45, Johnson, that is.
  • “The only man woman or child who ever wrote a simple declarative sentence with seven grammatical errors.  -e.e. cummings speaking of Warren Harding.  What is past is past again and may become prologue.
  • “His principles are all subordinate to his ambitions.”  -Adams again, speaking about Van Buren this time; not about Mr. Trump who was not yet conceived.
  • …”‘X-X-X’ is incapable of thought, because he has nothing to think with.”    -Woodrow Wilson speaking about Warren Harding.
  • “I have the feeling he would rather see a good cause fail than succeed if he were not the head of it.”  -Woodrow Wilson speaking about Herbert Hoover.  Does this attitude remind you of one of our political parties?
  • “He bleeds people.  He draws every drop of blood and then drops them from a cliff.  He’ll blame any person he can put his foot on.”   If you thought this was some unhappy White House advisor from the last Administration; you were wrong – it is from:  -Martha Mitchell, speaking about R. Nixon, one of few Presidents to have been impeached.
  • “He doesn’t dye his hair – he’s just prematurely orange.”  -Gerald Ford, speaking about Ronald Reagan. 
  • “Dewey has thrown his diaper into the ring.”  -Harold Ickes, former Presidential Advisor…This barb might need to be used again.
  • “If a traveler were informed that such a man was the leader…he might begin to understand how the Egyptians worshipped an insect.”                   -Benjamin Disraeli, speaking of one Lord John Russell (You see, those ‘Across the Pond’ have had their disappointments, as well.)
  • “He has not one single redeeming defect.”  -Disraeli, again.  This time about Gladstone.
  • “He did not care in which direction the car was traveling, so long as he remained in the driver’s seat.”  -Lord Beaverbrook on Lloyd George.

We could go on and on with these, but we must get back to current times.


  • Ed. Note:  MATHUZALA (Our Rodent guest Columnist) has been invited to headline the annual meeting of the Rodent’s Political Action Committee.  Currently, Mathuzala is in ‘The Cloud’ and he will make a virtual appearance at the meeting – which is held in the Second Underground level of NYC’s 42nd St Subway stop, near the C & D & the 1,2 & 7 lines.

If you want to know what is going on with R-PAC and other matters of ‘Ultimate Concern’ then please go to Amazon, or Barnes & Noble, and purchase “THE RAT PAPERS” where you will find the answers to many of your questions.


We had a ‘Manifastzione’, a Demonstration of Solidarity for the Ukrainians in our little town yesterday.

“NOTES” will be back next week…Take care, out there…


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