Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: On March 8, here in Tuscany, they celebrate The “Festa della Donna” (Celebration of the Woman). In honor of that Holiday we took a picture of the female members of our cast – and gave them the rest of the day off. (How Bork, the Angry Purple Slug got in there, we don’t know…We do not think Bork is a woman; but we do not know – and are too intimidated to ask.)


(A two minute read, if you read 400 words a minute. If you spend time looking at the pictures, then it is on you.)



  • THE “BIG SORT”:   A new term describing people moving to places in the U.S. where they feel politically more comfortable.  Democrats  moving to the cities…Republicans from California moving to Texas to be with other Republicans. Californian Democrats moving to Texas to get away from the high cost of living and high State taxes. They might have trouble having their vote count since they are used to voting by mail-in ballots and if they try that in Texas – who knows what will happen? It is complicated to sort it out.
  • STUDIES  SHOW:  I know you know our youth cannot write cursive script anymore.  Who needs it?  But a study shows some of our youth cannot even read a clock with hands.  (You know, the Big Hand for minutes and the little Hand for the hours).  The young ones do not have to know how to parallel park, nor will they have to take S.A.T.s to get into college, essays will be optional.  (I would have done better were I to have been born a Millennial or even newer – except for the technical skills requirements.)
  • AMERICANS:  We are 5% of the world’s population; but we generate more than 40% of the world’s plastic  pollution (278 pounds of it per man, woman & child) per year.  We take 80% of the world’s pain pills and 2/3rds of us when watching TV are watching something else at the same time and 10% of us think Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife, and in a beer tasting study; most tasters preferred the beer that had vinegar added to it – until they were told about the vinegar – then they didn’t prefer it anymore.
  • FIRST BORNS:  Another study says ‘FIRST BORNS’ are smarter than the others. (This is not true in my case, I am the smartest of my siblings and I was the ‘THIRD BORN’)
  • CEOs:  CEO’s whose signatures are large are more likely to exaggerate earnings than others. (Mine is in old fashioned cursive, it is not large; but no one, of any generation, can read it – I wonder what that says about what I tell my banks about how much I earn.)
  • WOMEN are about 51% of the population; but are only 25% of the members of the House of Representatives.  They are 3/5ths of college students, and 60% of law students. (Things are going to change, maybe.)
  • ALERT!:  The risk of being killed by a terrorist in America is 1/4 that of drowning in your bath-tub.  (But if you only have a shower, I do not know what your risks are.)
  • MILLION DOLLAR APP IDEA:  I think the world needs an App that will tell you which provider (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc., etc.) you have to go to – to find whatever it is you want to watch – and whether you saw it before and which season you are on and which episode you have finished and when the new season or episode is coming out and whether you liked whatever it was you were looking for in the first place. It would be helpful if the APP sent you a message, perhaps with a little bell-ringing sound to alert you of the forthcoming viewing event…and whether or not it’s free or you have to buy or rent it and if you rent it how many days do you have to see it in, before they make you rent it again. (if you come up with this App, I want 10%.) 

And now, more from our rodent Guest Columnist MATHUZALA and his appearance at the R-PAC (The Rodent’s Political Action Committee) meeting, which is located in the Third underground level of the NYC Subway:

  • MATHUZALA is speaking to the R-PAC members:… “My suggestion is we immediately move the location meeting as there are too many humans living down here and they may cause a disruption. I say we skitter over to the Plaza Hotel and gather in the sub-basement there – at which time I will present this year’s Action Plan.

-Ed. Note:  More will be revealed about the R-PAC meeting next week.


Enough said.

A quote:

  • “I tell you Wellington is a bad general, the English are bad soldiers; we will settle the matter by lunchtime.”  -Napoleon, to his soldiers on the morning of the Battle of Waterloo.

That’s not all there is, come back next week for more.  Take care out there. And a fond ‘Hello’ to David Timothy Casey, wherever you are.




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