Quiz #6: NOTEFLIX Productions has been blocked from producing its usual charming Introductory Photo of Stuffed Animals to our Blog. (See if you can divine how this relates to the posting below.)

  • SHRINKFLATION:  What with concerns about inflation coming on in the near future because of the “Resurging Economy”, some marketers are avoiding price hikes by simply reducing the amount of what you get in the package.  For example, today you might pay the same price for 14 ounces of Butterscotch Twirl ice cream that you paid for 16 ounces of the Twirl yesterday. Tricky?  Will we be fooled by this?   (My suggestion to the Marketers would be to change the volume figures on the packaging into the Metric’ system, which is a system we never could understand and we could be deceived by SHRINKFLATION for years to come.)
  • RANSOMWARE:  This is a relatively new word.  My computer  dictionary defines it as:  “A type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid.  Although RANSOMWARE is usually aimed at individuals, it’s only a matter of time before business is targeted as well.”   Time speeds on; the thieves are not only ahead of the posse, as you know, they are ahead of the dictionary.  Currently, RANSOMWARE seems to be used only by greedy individuals – and that is a good thing; because once nation states start to weaponize this and shut down other nations services and institutions – things could get worse than they are. 
  • ON-LINE DATING:  Studies are showing women think ON-LINE DATING is the best thing that has happened “since the Pill”. Apparently women, through their computer’s can find out more about a man than they could at a bar, or a party, or at a beach resort.  It seems the most sought after attribute in a man is evidence of a steady job. (Top requirement by 78% polled).  I was lucky enough to be “in the swim” back in the days when you did not have your personal history as baggage.
  • ART and STUFF: I have been reading about the History of Human Beings and Violence  lately.  Apparently it is typical of a successful invading country to take some of the invaded country’s works of art back with them.  The Brits did this in Greece (The Elgin Marbles). Napoleon dragged back obelisks from Egypt. The Germans took art from the Louvre and wherever they travelled in the ’40s. Anyway, my mind has left me to wonder if someone invaded the U.S. what would they take back home, what works of art as prized booty?  What?  Some say our high-art forms comes from Music and Hollywood.  But the invaders can hear all our Music on their computers and iPhones for almost nothing and they can see all they want from Hollywood for $8.99 a month from Netflix…so, I have no idea what they would take.  Maybe they will just take our money  (See RANSOMWARE, above)
  • CONSPIRACY THEORIES:  The singer/actor Dean Martin once said:  “Everybody has to believe in something; I believe I’ll have a drink.” …and we all laughed.  But Dino was on to something.  It seems everybody believes in something, and I am wondering what it is thatI believe in might be as cockamamy crazy as some of the outlandish theories being bandied about today.  Am I right on everything? How will I ever find out? Do I want to know where I am wrong? I wonder how I can straighten out all the others. I saw a Headline the other day, which read: “How To Talk To Others”. I did not read the article because I did not have the time, or the $120 to subscribe to the magazine. But, as a philosopher once said, “It is a subject of ultimate concern.” ( -Paul Tillich.)

And now, for some relief, a few words from our guest columnist MATHUZALA:

MATHUZALA SPEAKS:  You humans have taken pictures of every inch of the Earth from outer space.  Those pictures show where everything is (Gold, Oil, Earth Minerals, etc).  Someone has known all this for years.  Why haven’t ‘They’ shared all the stuff with you?   Think about that.  We Rats are going to share everything, once we get it all.


Obviously, MATHUZALA believes in the Theory that some people in power are devious, if not outright corrupt.  For more from MATHUZALA,  go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS” and learn what is what.

And now a few quotes:

  • “Pray – and row hard for shore”  -old quote from a Saint of Fisherman
  • “Words that are too stupid to say can still be sung.”  -Joseph Addison 17th Century.  (And now you can see ‘too stupid’ words on T-shirts, as well.)

Be Well, and Good Day to Belle, wherever you are.

You are so correct, if you reasoned we have been held up by a cheap form of RANSOMWARE. We paid them what they want and if the thieves are an honest sort – we will have our Introductory Photo back in place next week.

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