Episode #70  of Season #1 of the NOTEFLIX production of “Troubles in the Garden”:  This is the “Spectacular” scene of the Season.  Scarlet is in front, leading the Demonstration (Protest?).  Her crowd is growing; but there are elements who want to “rain on her parade.” (see left of photo) Mack the Shark, Mortimer, Bork – the Angry Slug, and even Jack the Evil and scorned Prince – have all come to disrupt the peaceful doings.  Our hero, the Bluebird of Happiness and his love, Mamzelle Pinkie and their friends are looking on (See right side of photo), wondering if it is safe to join the parade…”What good will come of all this?” they query. Miz Ezmiralda, the Hairy Pig Queen of the Queendom of the Stuffed Animals – living in the Land of Humans and other Dangerous Creatures  is not being much of a help right now, being a camera hog – all she is doing is trying to get in front for a photo-op.  Mathuzala, the Wisest of All  (See bottom of picture) is facing the crowd, advising they come in Peace – otherwise he says, things could get out of control. (To be cont’d.)


  • BOLO WRAP:  You might think this could be a new Burrito, maybe coming from the Pacific Island cuisine. You would be wrong.  This is a new ‘Policing Tool’.  It is sort of a Spiderman type of a gun, which discharges wire, the purpose of which is to “Take away legs” of miscreants by wrapping wire around the ankles.  The article I read about this gun is it was originally meant to disable an individual having a mental health crisis, or who was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Those with any degree of imagination could imagine there could be problems here, what with our fondness for drinking, drugging and acting as if we were mentally having an event.  The training guide says in order for the BOLO WRAP gun to be effective you need to have  a 3 foot clear radius around the person you are saving – so indoor usage is not recommended.  What is recommended is you tear gas the person inside the home first, and then when he or she staggers out – that is when it is best to do the BOLO. (See title of this post)
  • HYPNICJERK:  If  you thought this was what you experience once you have been BOLO WRAPPED,  you would be wrong.  This is the name for the perfectly normal twitch 60% to 70% of us have just before we fall off to sleep.  It has something to do with our nervous systems shutting down in sequence. I never knew this had a name. Now, when my wife says “Stop twitching around!”, I can say “I am having a HYPNICJERK moment – so leave me alone.”
  • ZOMBIE DEBTS:  These are mostly corporate debts that do not die…they just drag on and get re-financed and re-defined and scare people who owe them or own them. From my readings this week – a great amount of ZOMBIE DEBTS are about to die for good; because the lenders have finally run out of lending capabilities. The Zombies will be buried in Chapter – due to this lack of money problem going around down on the ground. This is either good news, or bad news. Who Knows?
  • “LORD KNOWS!”:  Remember this phrase?  It was used when people in conversation could not come up with the answer to something, someone would say, “LORD KNOWS!” And that would be that. Now we know the LORD has met his or her competition with GOOGLE, for GOOGLE KNOWS! and is ready with all answers, here and now.  If I read it right, I think our government is trying to stop GOOGLE from knowing so much, so much about us, and everything we ever do or have done or want to do…LORD KNOWS where this will end.
  • PRECARIAT:  …is the growing class of people living with short term, part time, and or no work…with precarious living standards and without a narrative of occupational development…hunkered down, risk averse, insecure – relying on friends and family…without faith in possibilities.”  Uh, oh.
  • NEO-MEXICANS:  (original term. -cem) These are not ‘Mexicans’, per se.  These are U.S. retirees who are taking on the work the Mexicans were doing that Americans did not want to do. Today, some U.S. Retirees, who are feeling the economic pinch, want to do the work they did not want to do – just a few years back. These NEO-MEXICANS are not only getting the work they did not want to do a little while ago; they are dragging the pay scale down with them. Interesting times.

I better end it here, before some reader thinks I am having a mental event and sends a BOLO WRAP squad my way.


Special Announcement, Continued:  As foretold, the TEDDIES are coming. The NOTEFLIX  academy will SOON be holding its first, online only, Award ceremony for its actors and production staff.  Each winner will get its own Stuffed “TEDDIE” (Seen in the picture above) – as well as the fame and fortune that follows such an accolade.  Readers of this post should look for a special posting from NOTESFROMTHEROOMOFWONDER.COM, which will contain all Episodes of Season 1 – perhaps as early as this week – so they can prepare to cast ballots for their faves – online.  This will be a safe and secure process – the selections of candidates and the selections of the winners WILL NOT BE RIGGED.

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