Episode #71 of NOTEFLIXs “Troubles in the Garden”:  The above photo was altered from the photo below – by Who? We do not know! 

The above photo is the original from Episode #70. See what the Evil Doers can do? They can alter the Truth.  They have made it look like Scarlet was simply taking an evening stroll in the Land of Humans and other Dangerous Creatures – when in TRUTH she was leading a popular, peaceful, Protest for the Cause of Better Treatment of Stuffed Animals. (For information related to this, see 4TH BULLET below)


  • SAVE: I have been reading in economic reports that Americans cannot SAVE.  I remember driving through Breezewood, PA. a while ago, seeing a sign that read “JESUS SAVES“…but then again, Jesus was not an American.
  • AFFLUENZA:  Remember this term?  It means “…Excessive materialism or desire for wealth, associated with negative effects”.   It has been used as a defense, in the Courts, for some wealthy miscreants.  Poor behavior blamed on being too wealthy.  So, why not:  PO-FLUENZA?… “Lack of material possessions and opportunity associated with negative effects.” (-cem)  This is the other side of the same coin – and could be used as a defense for “poor behavior”.   Why not?
  • WATER-BOARDED:  You remember this.  WATER-BOARDING is a form of torture used to get the truth, or secrets, out of somebody.  Usually, if you WATER-BOARDED someone enough, he or she will say anything you want them to say.  It is not necessarily a route to the truth.  HOT AIR- BOARDED ” (-cem)…This means “…suggesting so many untruths into the mind of the victims they no longer know what to think.”…Sometimes the  HOT AIR-BOARDED will lose their minds and even go out and vote for their torturers.  Remember, in simpler times, when it was said that if you repeated any word a hundred times, real fast, it would lose its meaning?  Well, that has changed to “If your torturer says something to you 22,000 times, real fast:  Everything will lose its meaning.”  We have been HOT AIR-BOARDED.
  • (4TH BULLET)  I saw an ad on Instagram which shows you can buy a Program (Cheap) which allows you  to alter any photograph you take.  How can this go wrong? For example: You could take a picture of yourself with  a naked person and then have that person removed from the picture – as if he or she were never there –  and then move yourself off the yacht and into a church and place a sign behind you which says “Jesus Saves”…and make it look like you were really a good person – which would be a lie; in this  hypothetical case. (Someone must have used this Photo Altering Program on NOTEFLIX’s Posting of 6/22/20 – Episode #64 – when a photo was altered to show Mamzelle Pinkie was seen consorting with  Jack the Rich and Evil Prince – which was a lie. We still do not know who did this.)  The point is: What can we trust anymore?  It is getting difficult out there.  It is hard to believe what you hear…and what you see. Soon they will work on our sense of smell.
  • EAR-WORM:  This refers to a piece of music that creeps into your mind and you can’t shake it…like the “OOO Bla DEE, OOOO Bla Da”…over and over again, and there is nothing to do but go screaming into the night.  In that vein, I think we need a term for a MIND-WORM…NO!  Make that a MIND-SNAKE.  This would be where an idea (no music involved) like…” an election will be stolen”, or “the loser of an election won’t leave office”…keeps rolling around in your brain until you go mad.  No.  Make that:  a MIND-RATTLER. (-cem)
  • If I read it right, the U.S. is planning to combat COVID-19 with cheap Mortgage Rates and the deferment of Student Debt.  My MIND-RATTLES at the thought and I feel I’ve been HOT AIR-BOARDED. I don’t know why I am so fascinated by things about which I can do nothing…except, I can go screaming “OOO Bla DEE, OOOO Bla Da – Life goes on”… into the night.



  • I’ve read in these mask-wearing times, this is the time to have that plastic surgery done on your face or chin – since no one will be able to see the work done while you recover.
  • I’ve read that some people are going crazy because there is nothing left to clean in their house.  None of these people are relatives of mine.
  • I’ve read the best/highest performing  large Cap Stock on the NYSE is a company called: SEA Ltd.  I had never heard of SEA Ltd. before.  Out of Singapore – up 880%  this year – Mobile games/E-commerce; whatever that is.  Nobody is a close second.  The economy is down, the major Indexes are up.  Mobile Games are the play.  I think nobody knows anything anymore about the Market.  This is not a game for Sissies; but it is a game for Gamers.



REMINDER: The TEDDIES are coming! You will soon be able to vote – and vote often for your favorite characters.  Look for a complete set of Episodes of  “Troubles in the Garden” in your E-mail tomorrow. There will be no rules, no regulations, no guidance on how the winners will be elected. Do not lose out on this voting opportunity.




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