Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”; Awful new development! As you know, Ezmiralda the Hairy Pig is Qween of the Land of Stuffed Animals. (And as you already know, she always pushes her way to be the first in any picture she is in.)…Anyway, what you may not know is her term as Queen and leader of The Land of Stuffed Animals is coming to its constitutional end. But she is thinking of not giving up her position. And she has the backing of some pretty tough characters. (See one of them posed behind her.)  Come back next week to see where this goes.


The news is so terrible these days, so horrifying, I thought I’d feed you some information that may have passed you by; so you could worry about other things for a change – give you a break.

  • CAR DEALERS are disappearing!  What’s this?  Everybody loves CAR DEALERS; but since these new guys: (Tesla, Rivian, et. al.) have come on the scene – (they sell direct to the customer)…it turns out the customer likes to save on not paying the CAR DEALERS’S commissions, even though they love them.  Anyway, Ford, GM, et. al., are now selling direct and CAR DEALERS are disappearing.  So go see your local dealer and ‘kick the tire’ – it may be your last chance to do that.
  •  STUDIES SHOW:  *If you use more cheese, you sell more pizza.  (Duh!)  Also, I’ve read there is a cheese glut in the U. S. and if everybody ate 3.5 more pounds of cheese this year than they usually do, we could eliminate the glut.  I will do my part. Will you?  *Women in business or politics are less corrupt than men, unless they have inherited positions due to family…then all bets are off.  So?  What is the conclusion?  Women should not inherit equally to men?  Wait until this gets to the men on the Supreme Court!
  • THE PURITANS  (…who were the predecessors to our  ‘Forefathers’ and ‘Founding Fathers’) banned ‘Bear Baiting’ –  not because it caused pain to the bear; but because it gave too much pleasure to the Puritan.  Finding comforting information like this is why I favor ‘Traditionalism’ in our Supreme Court decisions.
  • BONES:  I read where the FDA issued a ‘Reminder’ to consumers that BONES, of all sizes, are not safe for dogs and should be thrown out.  1) Why did I not get the original warning?  and 2) Who are these FDA Commies to say “BONES are unsafe at any size”?  Keep the  Government away from me and my dog.  BONES aren’t mentioned in the Constitution, the last time I read it, and, once again, I believe SCOTUS will back me up on this.
  • THE HORROR:  The number of Boulangeries in France has dropped to below 20,000 from 37,800 just 27 years ago.  1) This happened because the French have succumbed to buying their Baguettes and Croissants from the Big Supermarkets – just like the Americans. (Except the Americans are not buying Baguettes and Croissants; but you know what I mean.) Nothing could be done to stop ‘Progress’ and this disaster 2) In France this is referred to as ‘The 7th Great Extinction”  (Rough translation)


And now some advice from our Resident Rodent Guest Columnist MATHUZALA:


  • I, too, have been reading the newspapers and am speechless regarding how you treat each other.

Ed. Note: If you want to be treated better than you are being treated; please go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS” (the BOOK) and learn how to get better treatment..



Here is the foolishness we had to put up with last night- (See video below. Also note the time on the clock.) With all the problems in the world, how can these people dare to bring a little joy to our piazza? (This is a picture of an opera – with a 12 picce orchestra. “Free” was the operative word.)





Somes quotes from people of note:

  • “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” -B. RussellIf
  • “A cheated man’s a loser
    And a cheater never wins
    And if beggars can’t be choosers
    ‘Til they’re weak and wealthy men
    And the old keep gettin’ older
    And the young must do the same
    And it’s never gettin’ better
    Who’s to bless, and who’s to blame.” – K. Kristoffereson (What on earth does he mean by “a cheater never wins”? It is just a song, I guess.


That’s it from here for the week, and a fond ‘Hello” to  Bob, wherever you are.


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