Cussing & Crabs

For a couple of years, several times a week, when I was living in Manhattan, walking home from work I would see a man standing on a street corner. He was well dressed, jacket and tie…and he always sported a clean bandage across his nose. He would just stand there, swearing uncontrollably. Tourette’s Syndrome, I suppose. I hesitate to tell you this, but sometimes I thought he made a good deal of sense, no matter what his problem was. I wonder what makes me think of him now.

Studies show that crabs can hear when predators are around and it causes them stress. (Stressed crabs are not as tasty as unstressed crabs, they say.) The interesting thing is crabs have no ears. So how can they hear? More studies to follow. The question is: How come the crabs don’t hear us when we come around with all our boats and nets and chemicals and stuff? Can they hear those things? I don’t think so.

Who does these studies?

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