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DEEP FAKE – Relating to realistic videos of people saying and doing things they really did not do in the videos.

DEMI-URGE – The creature who created the material world. (I wonder what the MAXI-URGE would create.)

UBI – Universal Basic Income – Everybody is talking about this. So you should prepare your thoughts.

KAYFABE – the term from professional wrestling meaning to present staged events as if they were real. (Seems to me KAYFABE has broken out of the arena.)

CONGESTION PRICING – You know what this is. It’s when you are driving on a toll road and the traffic picks up; so do the tolls. We did not have this ‘back in the day’; but here it is – and we can spend our UBI on it.

“It is what it is.” (When someone says this it means: “I don’t know what it is.”

“Wonderment is the first passion of all. Those without any natural inclination to this passion are ordinarily very ignorant.” (So sayeth R. Descartes. And I repeateth this because I am told studies show: In order to increase one’s odds of going viral, one must either post something instructive or positive in nature.)


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