Update on NOTEFLIX’s International production of: “Troubles in the Garden”: The Paparazzi followed Jack the rich Prince of the Land of Uncertain Knowledge (and sometime suitor to Mamzelle Pinkie)  and have taken the above picture of him philandering in a nightowl club.  This photo went viral and nothing could be done to delete it.  (This is what is called a “Resume Generating Event” –  see post below.)  Of course, Mamzelle Pinkie was shown this disgusting photo.  For now Jack is out of the picture.  


A long time ago, in China, if one wanted to put a curse on someone, he would say “May you live in interesting times.”


  • When I take my morning walk, I carry a little plastic bag and pick up roadside trash as I go along my merry way.  Generally it is cigarette packages, beer bottles, soda cans – those sort of things.  So, daily as I walk in the beautiful country-side, I am a little off-put by the human race for dumping its trash wherever – but I find if I do not do this…I feel a little guilty  Just today, I read since 1960 our population grew 80% but our trash grew 200% and that a family of 4 generates about 6,500 pounds of trash a year.  That is about the size of two Hummers.  Only 8.5% of used plastic is recycled.  And now that China is not taking our trash anymore, well, things in this arena are going to get a lot worse.  I knew you could not count on the Chinese to take our garbage from us over the long haul.  All they care about is themselves.  So, I carry my little re-used plastic bag and wonder if our litter situation today is as good as it gets.  …On a lighter note:
  • I read a long time ago turtles the size of Hummers roamed the world.  I suppose in the distant future ‘They’ will dig up a Hummer and marvel at its size – as we marvel at the size of that giant turtle of yore.  And ‘They’ will say “Whatever happened to that thing?”  And then ‘They’ will say, “It is proof  humans existed…That big machine could have only been made by such an intelligent creature.”
  • Here are a few articles I did not have time to read, but wished I had; “Study shows if you go with your gut you most likely make the right choice”, “Pizza Chain Owner Admits He Did Not Eat 40 Pizzas In A 30 Day Period”, “Why Doesn’t Tupper-Ware Ever Dry In The Dishwasher?”, “Does Tossing Pizza Make For Better Pizza?”
  • I find there are so many choices about what to watch on TV that I cannot decide what to watch, my gut is speechless.  It was easier when there was almost NOTHING to choose from.  I know that does not seem to make much sense – but little does these days.  I know one thing for sure: Someone in Hollywood, right now, is pitching the idea for a movie about a cruise ship that has passengers on it who are infected with a death defying virus – and the passengers can’t get off the boat…and lovers will die, and people will behave badly, and the president of the United States won’t let them off the boat…and this will be made into a big, big movie…and remember where you first heard the pitch.
  • NOTHING:  This word is being used a lot these days, in conjunction with other words.  “NOTHING I can do about it.”  This seems to be a lament creeping into our conversations.  You have heard: NOTHINGBURGER?  “It is a NOTHINGBURGER!” (Like when you expect something to happen – and it happens  – and it is not as big an event as you expected.) I love this term.  I like NOTHINGWHOPPER even better.  (I made that one up myself).  A language dies, bigly, unless it lives and changes with the times.  NOTHING you can do to stop that.
  • “RESUME GENERATING EVENT”:  This is H/R speak referring to doing something wrong at work.  It now also alludes to any activity deemed as ‘disloyal’ to the boss.  We are seeing a lot of these events lately.
  • THE GREAT CANNON:  This is the name for a Chinese Cyber-weapon used to silence critics. I do not know how the THE GREAT CANNON works; maybe that means it is working.  I wonder if the Chinese are ahead of us in this field also.  (Interesting times.)

Lyrics to a song I heard the other day:

“Come on back Jesus, Come on back Jesus and pick up John Wayne on the way.

The world’s getting crazy and it seems to get weirder everyday.

Time to take the gloves off – they just don’t respect peace anymore.

But if we had John Wayne – you know he’d swing from the floor.” (repeat refrain)

 -W. Nelson

Until then,


“Troubles… “Continued:  So, for now our hero the Bluebird of Happiness and Mamzelle Pinkie are a re-united item with no troublesome Jack the rich Prince in the picture. They would thank Miz Ezmeralda for her efforts in stopping Jack and the Bluebird of Happiness from embarrassing themselves in a fight over Mamzelle Pinkie’s wing – but Miz Ezmeralda is too busy taking selfies and sending them to her constituents to be bothered.  (See more action next week.)

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