The 50th Episode of Season 1 of NOTEFLIX’s: “Troubles in the Garden”.   Now that Jack, the rich and aging Prince of the Land of Uncertain Knowledge has been uncovered for the letch that he is and is out of the picture (See no Jack above)… And Ezmeralda, the Hairy Pig Queen of the Stuffed Animals caught in the Land of Humans and other Dangerous Creatures, is off for a photo-op for her next publicity stunt – Our Hero the Bluebird of Happiness and his true love, Mamzelle Pinkie, can spend a night spooning by the fireside.   (See above  & more action at the bottom of this post)


  • TROPHIC CASCADE:  …in which harmful species come out on top, i.e., hurricanes whip up algae/plankton waters, poisonous snakes come out of flooded sewers…that sort of thing.  Sometimes, after reading the ‘News’, I think we humans are the harmful species which have emerged from the TROPHIC CASCADE.
  • SHMEAT:  A derogatory term for meat grown in a lab.  Some people look down their noses at such a food; but often those same people would try: snakes, squid, jellyfish, bugs – why not try food grown in a clean lab?  Why not?
  • ROLEX GENE:  This refers to “…a man wearing a Rolex as an expression of his desire to wear a diamond necklace.  (If he is wearing it, he has the ‘ROLEX GENE’.)
  • ZETTAHITE: …equals the seventh power of 1,000, or 10 to the 21st power, or one sextillion bytes.  I actually read this.  For what are these numbers?  Do people make a living using these things? Will someone get a Nobel Prize for discovering these numbers? How will knowing about such things improve my life?
  • POWER BROWSING:  This is ‘Social Internetting’, instead of readers reading…readers skim headlines.  Studies show college students of today have about 40% lower quotient of empathy than their analogue counter-parts of yore.  If these studies are true – this is not good for those of us who have emerged from the recent TROPHIC CASCADE.
  • MONOMANIA:  Pathological obsession with an idea. And then there are people who have  MULTOMANIA…people who are obsessed with more than one thing at a time.  I made-up  that last one; but you can see MULTOMANIACS driving around and texting o the  at the same time.
  • SOCIAL SAFETY NET:  Question: What does this mean to you?  a) Strong family ties  b) Unemployment insurance  c) Health insurance  d) Food stamps.  Any or all of the foregoing?   Studies show your answer helps describe you and your relationship to your fellow man – and the size of your amygdala.
  • METAPHOBIA:  (A word my editor may not let me post)  It means: A fear of vomiting.  I had no idea there was such a word before I read it in an article the other day.  I find I am a bit of a metaphobiac.  For example, I am a SHMEAT-eater, but due to my METAPHOBIA I cannot eat jellyfish, or squid.
  • INFO-DEMIC:  Mass misinformation about a disease.  Such information may be used to ZITTAHITE proportions in the near future.


  •  Studies show:  The Amygdala is bigger in altruists than in other types of humans. Studies go on to show that Psychopaths and MONOMANIACS have real small amygdalae.  Can’t Coca Cola or somebody come up with a drink that increases the size of our amygdalae? And then we’d all vote for better SOCIAL SAFETY NETS, whatever they are.
  • McDonald’s has come out with scented candles that smell like Quarter-Pounders. Where does the excitement end?
  • There was an article that came out last week (I did not get to it) that answered the question: “Why are crispy foods so tasty?”   Also, there were many articles in the papers that said exercise is good for you and that you need to cut back on sugars.  It is hard to keep up – what with all the news these days. In fairness, it is possible there are a lot of readers of the news who just came on board and have never before read that exercise is good for you and that too much sugar is not.  There are  things that I  did not know, like the ZITTAHITE thing-a-ma-jig – that could be  common knowledge to a large sub-set of people who  have different cultural backgrounds than me. We must learn to all get along.
  • I have come to the conclusion (for now) that no one can tell you what is going to happen tomorrow; no one.  And no one can tell you what really happened today.  And we are still trying to find out what happened yesterday.  But progress is being made, to various degrees, on these fronts – and it is very interesting what we are coming up with. Yet I still want to know what happened, what’s happening and what will happen next; good or bad. It is all a wonderment.

Some Quotes that might bear some relevance to today’s world:

  • “Poverty is not a lack of character, it is a lack of money.” -B. Ehrenreich
  • “The best argument against Democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”  -W. Churchill;  (…But Churchill also said no one has come up with a better idea for a government than a Democracy.)
  • And this one about a show…”Everybody hated it, but the audience.” – taken from a review of ‘Fiddler on the Roof”.   And the show goes on…I’ll be back to you next week.

50th Episode continued: But wait!?  Who is that in the back right of this photo? An intruder?  Where did he come from?  Is he Friend? or Foe? or What? (More will be revealed next week.)

p.s. New readers can go back to the past 49 posts and catch up on all the excitement revealed in NOTEFLIX’s “Troubles in the Garden”.

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