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The 51st Episode of NOTEFLIX’s Season One of “Troubles In The Garden”.   RECAP (From last episode…): Remember, just as Our Hero, the Bluebird of Happiness and Mamzelle Pinkie were about to go off in bliss together and not think about any of the problems in the land of the Humans and Other Dangerous Creatures – What happens?  But a new stuffed animal creature showed up.  To what end?  (See newly released Episode #51, below)


Thinking back on my life, the first ‘bad thing’ I remember doing was hiding some cooked vegetables in my pants’ pocket – this was in the first grade.  I did this so my plate would look like I ate all the food – and the teacher would not force me to eat the peas, or whatever the awful food was.  I remember walking around all day hoping nobody would bump into me and make the stuff squish out of my pants.  In time, I was uncovered and lightly punished and I have never put cooked food in my pockets since.  I tell you this personal tale to let you know I do not think I am perfect, or above reproach in my thinking.  That notwithstanding, I submit the following for your consideration:

  • Have you ever had a beggar come up to you with his hand-out?  Remember the feeling you had?  Maybe you wished he weren’t there?  Maybe you were too busy to deal with him at that time.   Remember how you wanted the scene to change and not be confronted with it?  Do you think think the 1%ers have the same thought/feeling when they see you come upon their scene? (Unless you are a 1%er yourself, then pay this no never no mind)
  • It is getting so, in the big bristling cities, that restaurants cannot afford to pay waiters a living wage. Because the waiters cannot afford the high rents in those cities. So the waiters live far out of town and they have long, long expensive commutes. the result is waiters can’t afford to come to work as often as they should.  It is a mess.  One of the by-products of all this is many ‘high-end’ eateries are now going to (‘low-end’) forms of Self-Service dining, where you pick-up your own flatware, condiments, etc., and bring everything to your own table your own self.  You can even go to expensive eateries where you see nobody behind a cash register.  You simply order on the computer at the counter and pay with the Card and pick up your food when the bell rings.  The world is changing fast and don’t say it’s not – and don’t say the more things change the more they remain the same.
  • I read where people in the U.S. are less likely (1/3rd less likely) to move across State lines than they were in the 50’s.  And this trend is accelerating.  So much for ‘Travel is Broadening’.  I had the thought the other day, that we might soon develop an emigration problem.  You know, where it will become difficult to leave the country.  My reasoning (or lack of it) goes like this;  1) We make it difficult for others to get into our country  2) Other countries retaliate by making it difficult for us to get in their countries   3) Therefor, we have troubles getting out of our country.  Something like that.  In the Future-Fi world, citizens could become prisoners of their Nation-State – and only the ‘lucky’ ones could get an occasional ‘Tourist Visa’ for a foreign visit…sort of like a ‘temporary work-release paper.’  It could be a box-office smash.
  • In keeping with the personal flair of this post, I will share with you that I am not a person given to detail.  I like the ‘Broad Brush’ approach to life.  But these ‘High- Tech times seem to demand attention to details. Broad brush does not do it.  ‘Details’ is where we thrive…even though I was told,  early on, “The Devil is in the details”. So, my question is: Do we thrive with the Devil?  I think details and data are intrinsically related today – so here comes a poem:  “Data, and Details Everywhere – and not a thought to think.  Details and Data everywhere  – and all the minds did shrink.” -cem


  • I remember reading a few years back only 10% of the Chinese people used toilet paper.  Then I got to thinking that if the Chinese started using toilet paper the world would soon stop having trees.  And after I thought about this I did not know what to think.  I do know it is an empirical fact the cardboard tube in the toilet paper roll has become bigger in the past few years.  And the width of the paper is getting narrower.  These are problem solving techniques; but I still fear for the trees.
  • I read scientists have discovered Mars is humming – and they do not know How.  But what I want to know is What Mars is humming about.

Next week this blog will be back to normal; but before I go – a few words from others;

  • “Beauty is always strange.”  -Baudelaire
  • “Beauty is skin deep – but ugly goes clean to the bone.” -D. Parker
  • “If living were a thing money could buy, the Rich would live and the Poor would die – All my troubles Lord, will soon be over” – Sung by Joan Baez

Take good care,

Episode #51 of Season One of “Troubles…”:  Pablo, The Renowned Smuggler of Young Stuffed Animals has found his way through a wormhole and is bringing his young and homeless wards into the land of Humans and Other Dangerous Creatures.  Their travels have been hard. Who knows if they are wanted, or not?  But here they are – and would it be selfish for Mamzelle and the Bluebird to fly off in their glee?  Or should they stay and try to be of help to the poor and wandering new?  (See more action next week in Episode #52)

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