Episode #52 of NOTEFLIX’s International Production of “Troubles in the Garden”:  Pay Attention, for the action is packed.  Mamzelle Pinkie’s heart has been moved by the plight of Pablo, the Renowned Smuggler of Young Stuffed Animals – and wanting to help, she has introduced Pablo to Miz Ezmeralda, the Hairy Pig Queen of Stuffed animals living in the Land of Humans and Other Dangerous Creatures.  Miz Ezmeralda has the Power to grant Pablo’s rag-tag caravan residence in her domain – but first she wants to make sure she is seen up-close in the photo-op of the meeting.  As you can see our Hero, The Bluebird of Happiness has eyes for Mamzelle Pinkie, only.  (See next week’s post to find out what happens.)


  • It has occurred to me because of the way we vote for our leaders –  one day we will have a President who is a famous chef.
  • I have never had ‘Power’ but I have read about it – and I was told Power corrupts and absolute Power corrupts absolutely…but I have noticed another feature of Power is if one has it, one wants to keep it – forever.  You could read about this in “The Lord of the Rings”, or if you don’t have time for that – go look at the front page of a major newspaper for a few days.
  • I read we touch our face 3 to 5 times a minute, every minute of the waking day. I have been trying to count my activity in this regard and to my surprise I exceed the national averages.  I know I’m exceptional because sometimes when I touch my face it is with a deep and serious rub of an eye, which can go on for several seconds and leave me temporarily, legally blind.  I wonder if a long rub counts as only one touch.  I think I should get credit for at least 4.  And then there is the nose.  Sometimes it itches.  What is one to do?  Sit there and be miserable?  Am I supposed to get a medically approved glove and itch my nose?  Is it coming to that?  There is much to be learned.
  • The NGA (The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency) has said we will all be observed every second of every day – by something.  This is unnerving to me.  I wonder if through this process of photographing everything they came up with how many times a day we touch our faces. What a job this must be.  Speaking of spying on people – I have a friend who has a  three year old son and a five year old daughter.  He has a camera on them, in their bedrooms – so he can see if they are safe, and also to make sure they are not playing games on their phones and such – “after curfew”.   I’ve asked him when he thinks he will ever turn the cameras off.  He thought about my question and told me it never occurred to him to turn the cameras off.  I suspect he is not alone in this behavior. I wonder if the kids who are always watched even know what privacy is, or if it is important in this life.
  • I read the reason we do not understand animals is:  We are not smart enough. We are smart enough to take pictures of every inch of this earth and every human being on it. We can fly to the moon and back; but we really do not understand our animals.  I think if we did, we would treat them better.  I am reminded of what Chief Seattle said, “What happens to the Beast, will happen to the man.”  The Chief knew what he was talking about.  I hope when the famous chef becomes President that, at least, he will use his Power to promote plant based cooking.

That is it for the moment. Be nice and don’t make anybody cry.



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