Valuable or interesting Things Learned from Watching TV

“Im eating corn on the Cobb…I’ve got the best smile I’ve ever had in my life.” – (Clear Choice)

“He who does not punish people, commands it to be done by others.” (A quote of L. DaVinci’s  and repeated in “Criminal Minds”.)

  • Diapers sell well next to the beer in convenience stores.
  • One out of two women over 50 will have Post Osteomyelitis in their lifetime.
  • If you have been exposed to Asbestos and have Asbestosis, you have rights.
  • Maggots get fatter after eating deceased humans and if you see fat maggots you can measure them and tell when the person died.
  • You should tell your doctor what medications you are taking before surgery.
  • When committing a crime: Do not leave a trace of your DNA anywhere. (But you probably already knew that)

The above disproves the Theory of TV being a ‘Wasteland’


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