Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: Hearing that Coffee is “Good for you” …and that an occasional Egg is “Good for you,” too – our loving couple is set up with such. (See above) Of course, our production crew knows Stuffed Animals cannot eat, nor drink; but it is a symbolic and romantic gesture we are showing. If our loving couple did eat food, they would not eat any meat, having learned the TRUTH from the message in the second bullet below.  (See bottom of this post for more on this scene.)

…”But Sometimes You Can Get What You Want.” -Unknown


  • THE TRUTH: Studies show:  The TRUTH rarely changes peoples’ minds.
  • In 1977 there was a “McGovern Committee” which concluded, in TRUTH, Americans should eat “Less Meat.”  This was determined by scientific study and the recommendation was intended to reduce obesity, and many other health related problems. The public went crazy at the thought of eating less meat and the study was ignored.
  • But what is the TRUTH?  Years ago, you could not eat the yoke of an egg for fear of a heart attack…and coffee, forget about caffeine.  Today, go ahead, eat the whole egg – and drinking caffeinated coffee is good for you now.  Drink several cups a day, if you want.   Only today, I read Flossing may be bad for you (more on this in later posts) and that Thumb-sucking and Nail-biting is good for you; because later in life all your Thumb-sucking and Nail-biting will have built up resistance to allergies.
  • GOLDFISH:  Do you remember?  There was a time when you could throw them into the toilet, or a lake if you did not want them anymore.  Not now.  It turns out, GOLDFISH end up growing, and become huge, wherever they move to and then they eat the fish that were there before the GOLDFISH were thrown into their new waters.  With all of our messing around, it is no wonder we do not have nice things anymore.
  • Of course, once you have been told the TRUTH, sometimes it is difficult to know what to do with it.  For example, a study shows Pomegranates have something in them, called ellagitanins, and when  this stuff is infused into worms…well, the worms’ lifespan increases 45%.  So?  What do I do with this knowledge? 1) Why do I care if worms live longer?  2) Am I to grow Pomegranates? 3) Am I to eat infused worms?  This study, True or not, tells me nothing – unless it comes with a recommendation.
  • FILTER-FEEDING:  I read about 50,000,000 years ago, whales were about the size of a mini-van.  But, then there was a huge climate change which resulted in gigantic nutrient run-offs into the seas.  The whales who FILTER-FEED... swallowed vast swarms of food at a single gulp and grew in size up to the equivalent of two school buses.  I mention this because I have heard some refer to our food eating habits of today as “FILTER-FEEDING“.  I did not know where that term was coming from; and that is the TRUTH.
  • CLIMATE & THINGS:  The Polar caps are melting and the band is playing on and the Congressmen are inhaling money from the Corporations and the POLAR CAPS ARE MELTING!  The seas are rising and some American island communities are flooding over and many people are moving further inland and are not being welcomed by the ones who are already there.  And there is a “Mass Thaw” (whatever that is), in the East Antartica, of the Totten Glacier (never heard of it before) that is melting – and if allowed to continue, it could raise the sea level 11 feet.  This is baaaad news.  My only hope is all the Climate Change Deniers are on coastal Golf Courses when the big tide comes roaring in.
  • COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS:  I read worker-bees are aware of what is going on. They are aware of where they fit in their whole enterprise.  Worker bees have the capacity for consciousness.  Me?  I think our COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS has dumbed down as of late.  I’d rather there be a COLLECTIVE CONSCIENCE…but I do not know if there could be such a thing with humans…bees, maybe.

And now a word or so from our guest columnist, MATHUZALA:


  • Your ‘Scientists’ have been making some of us (myself included) smoke Marijuana to try to learn why people eat so much when they get stoned.  Is this a way to seek TRUTH?  Is this a way to treat animals?  These questions have to be answered.
  • Leviticus, 11:29 prohibits the eating of rats.  You could look it up.  This was meant to protect Rats.  It was not a diet guide for you.  You have mistreated us.  We will change your behavior- and that is the TRUTH.

Enough from our  pot addicted rat friend – for the week.  If you are interested in MATHUZALA’S plans for ‘Changing things’, for the better; please go to Amazon and buy a copy of  “THE RAT PAPERS”.


Some quotes:

  • “The American people will always do the right thing – after they have tried everything else.” -Sir Winston Churchill, posthumously awarded American Citizenship.
  • “I can’t tell a lie, Pa; you know I can’t tell a lie. I cut it with my hatchet.'” -Attributed to George Washington, American Statesman
  • “What I tell you three times is TRUE.” -Lewis Carrol, Writer.
  • “Tis strange – but TRUE; for the TRUTH is always strange. Stranger than fiction.” -Lord Byron, Poet
  • “I get up early. I work late. I make many phone calls. I have many meetings.” -Unknown

See you next week,

Attention: The Teddies Award Ceremony has been pre-empted by the photo shown above:

See now Big Sis has entered our Loving couple’s set and wants to go after the egg. She has fairly knocked over Mamzelle Pinkie in her enthusiasm for the snack. Being a STUFFED FILTER-FEEDER herself, Big Sis is difficult to be denied – despite her never really eating real food, even if it were good for her. (Come back next week for the Approved TEDDIES.)


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