Update on NOTEFLIX’s “Troubles in the Garden”: Pay attention, because it gets complicated! See, in the background, Ezmiralda the Hairy Pig and present Qween of the Land of Stuffed Animals is squaring off – nose to nose – with “Big-Sis” to see who can claim power for the next term. Bork, the angry Purple Slug does not yet know which way to play the situation; but he will play, nonetheless. Mortimer, the whatever he is, has no clue what is happening, and probably will not vote; but will say he did. But Wait! Is that an Angel, up there in the flower pot? Yes it is! Will the Angel get involved? Or is it just stuck in the flower pot?  Come back next week for more exciting action.



  • (2018):  It says on this note more Americans have died from guns since 1968 than from all the wars Americans have died in. It would take a couple of serious new wars to catch up.
  • (2015):  “I think Angels are one of man’s better inventions.”  I do not know what to do with this old note; but it still rings true to me.
  • (2011):  “N.A.S.A. has claimed there is ‘Global Warming’!   1988 was the warmest year ever recorded.  1988 is now the 28th warmest year in the recording of warm years.” This is an 11 year old note, so 1988 could have slipped a few notches lower.
  • Idle thoughts and questions from 10 years ago.  *More from N.A.S.A.:  Mars, they say, used to have water on 20% of its surface.  1) What happened?  2) They also said the moon is shrinking in diameter over 300 feet every billion years.  I think they are just trying to scare me so they can keep their funding. *Other people in the Scientific Cabal have said 90% of the Human Race lives in the Northern Hemisphere.  If Horace Greeley were alive today, reading this, he might say:  “Go South, Young man.”

And now a few words from MATHUZALA our Resident Rodent Columnist:


  • “It is said the BITCOIN industry in Texas consumes as much energy as do all the people in Houston,  For the past week I have been nibbling away at the wires of the Houston Power plant  – in protest of this dangerous misuse of power.”
  • Ed.note: It is nice to have MATHUZALA back from his travels. If you want to know more about what MATHUZALA has been doing as an activist and how you could help, go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS” and get involved.



  • “TOURISTS CARAVANNING IN THE PIAZZA” (a poem in process)…As I watch the tourists go by/ I see the same people Botero saw, sitting in my caffe/…the people Giacometti saw/…I see a few of the people Renoir painted/ and a couple of  Hieronymus Bosch’s/or a Rembrandt upon occasion/…Walking down my Piazza I saw some of the faces I have seen in old World War Two photos/and some from World War One/…I see a lot of faces I saw as character actors in movies/in crowd scenes/…everybody looks familiar/…a few movie stars/I have yet to see a Marcello Mastroianni/or a Clark Gable/or Omar Sharif/…I think I saw Sophia Loren the other day/…that was a good find/…there are  a lot of criminals walking around out there – on the loose/ looking bedraggled/…and a lot of lost souls trudging along, wearing new straw hats/…many of the men are wearing t-shirts with words on them/even the Peter O’Toole look-alike seems to like “Tommy Hilfiger” on his t-shirt/ and the new Al Capone likes ”NIKE”/The men, half of them on the phone, don’t loose their pace as they pass by store windows/…the women, half of them on the phone, stop and look at whatever is inside/ …they turn over linens with their hands/…if such are displayed outside/..…the men, some of them, straighten up – look as tall as they can and peer down the walk, hoping their women-folk don’t go in/…Many of the men assume a posture as if they were strong and worthy/ because they looked so ‘masculine’/even though they are wearing t-shirts that say “Gant’ or ”San Francisco”


And now a quote, or two:

  • “All I know is what I read in the papers.” -Will Rogers…Will would have had a field day with: The tv, social media, the whole meshugana.
  • “Many of the globe’s economic problems are dilemmas – problems for which there are no acceptable solutions.”   -Lester Thurow

That’s it for now even though that is not all there is…and a fond “Hello” to Annie wherever you are.




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