Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: There are advantages to being fully evolved Stuffed Animals.  Our loving couple, The Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness and Mamzelle Pinkie, will always be in love and they will neither toil nor worry about the heat, nor be tempted towards greed or corruption.  Of course, Bork the Angry Purple Slug, or whatever he is, will always be a disappointment…but not much more than that. Also, our loving couple is blessed by being off the social media grid and thereby not knowing what is going on in the world – and even if they did – what could they do about it anyway?…They are not humans after-all. Come back next week for more thrills.


  • THE HEAT:  See what happens when everybody talks about the weather; but nobody does anything about it?
  • CEO WAGE INCREASE: Last year the average pay for a CEO (of 9000 public companies) was 299 times that of the average worker, or 15.5 million per CEO and $43.5 thousand per worker. (In 2013 the average CEO got only 273 times the amount of the worker. Don’t tell me things aren’t getting better.
  • WORDS: Have you noticed if you repeat a word – let’s say – 2oo times, it no longer makes any sense? (Say “Babylon” 200 times and you will see what I mean.) On the other hand there are words you have no idea what they actually mean; but you can use them, anyway, in your daily parlance.  For example, you use “Million” or “Billion”  or “Trillion”, if you are an American, almost everyday – and according to Einstein: “No one can comprehend a million of anything”. We are also saying “Bitcoin” these days and I have yet to find anybody who can explain this word to me – except to say it is either going up or down. I am not sure where this is going; but I’ll bet you a million dollars if you say “I know a billionaire who has a trillion dollars in Bitcoins” 200 times, real fast, it will soon make no sense to you.
  • THE SLOTS: I read the slot machines  in the big casinos are rigged to make sounds that make people think they are winning when they are actually losing. If this sounds like a metaphor for some followers of a particular political party – it is not. But is could be misinterpreted that way..
  • EVOLUTION: (This is only for those who believe in EVOLUTION.) Some studies are showing that we humans are not EVOLVING fast enough with the times, problems with Weather, Clean Air, Water ,etc.  You know: “The unspeakables”) The studies show, at best, we are ADJUSTING to the times…we will, some say, ADJUST to living with no trees along the Mississippi where there used to be a river running through it.
  • STUDIES also show that most fish cannot see out of their fishbowl. I think this also a metaphor for something.
  • A THOUGHT, maybe: I have been told in the U.S.A. everybody is entitled to a ‘Defense”  in legal terms, that is. And so our courts try to provide. What I think I have been witnessing, lately, is many of us have decided that if this is true, then the opposite might be true as well, in that “Everybody is entitled to an Offense” – and this erroneous thought process is being tested out on various Social and Anti-Social media. I doubt our Supreme Court will rule sanely on this matter – no Offense meant..

And now an update from MATHUZALA our Resident Rodent Guest Columnist:

MATHUZALA SPEAKS: “You may have read that many rats have taken to living in your cars. This is true. We like the cars that are in your cool windowless garages.. We rats cannot abide the heat. – and you humans have caused these unbearable conditions – and do not seem to want to do anything about cooling things off. We are nibbling away at the car wires and tires – basically disabling the vehicles so they stay put. We, too, must adjust to the conditions.”

Ed.note: In case you want to know more about what MATHUZALA and his band are up to, go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS”...also, you might go to your garage and  check things out.


  • Why do I show you this photo of rain drops on a plant? Thirteen days ago, a local Italian man told me the grapes on the vine were small and in perilous condition – in the Chianti region. He said the same was true with the olives. He then said if it does not rain in 15 days – the crops were lost. “But”, he said if it rains, really rains, just before the 15 day doomsday scenario – all will be better and Chianti will have a very, very good wine and olive harvest. The raindrops you see on the leaves fell on the afternoon of the 13th day. All is good.

And two quotes:

  • “There is a time to laugh and a time not to laugh, and this is not one of them.”  -Inspector Clouseau
  • “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” -A. Einstein

Goodbye for now and a fond “Hello” to Mrs. Calabash and to Steve, wherever you are.




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