Wisdom from the Screens

Bird of Happiness, redux
Stuffed Owl of Happiness
  • Babies look more like their fathers than their mothers for the first eighteen months.  This is an evolutionary fact. It is so because the likeness tempts the male to hang around during the infants most vulnerable period. (- ‘Bones’)
  • “Nothing counts as much as blood; the rest is just strangers.” ( – Pa Earp in ‘Wyatt Earp’, the movie.)
  • You can personalize your credit card.  You can put the picture of the President of the United States on it, or your favorite TV celebrity – or anything you want. (My wife turned off the TV before I could write down who said that.)
  • Refusing food may benefit the terminally ill.  (See? You cannot believe everything you see – as well as everything you read.)
  • Drinking white wine can stain your teeth and lead to suicidal thoughts. (This was seen on a FOX scroll…there must be more to the story. 
  • The numeral 1 appears nine times on the dollar bill. (- The Honeymooners.  The things you can learn while staring at the tube.)
  • 8 out of 10 Americans do not know they pay too much for their mobile services (- T-Mobile.)
  • Years ago, a doctor would come on the screen and tell us more doctors smoked Camels than any other brand. I can’t remember if he was selling Camels, insulting the Doctor profession, or just taking up our time. I think he has passed on, so we’ll never know what that was about.

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