Things I have Learned from Studies

Notes Taken from Studies
  • Finally, they figured out why Zebras have stripes.  The stripes protect against Biting Flies.  Apparently the Stripes confuse the Biting Flies and the flies go elsewhere.  So the Zebras who grew stripes tended to marry each other and have striped babies.  Something to do with Evolution, if you believe in that sort of thing.  (I wonder if we could invent a spray that would paint us with some kind if stripes to protect us against mosquitos and ticks and such.  Is there an idea there?  I mean the real question is not ‘Why do zebras have stripes’?; but ‘Why do only Zebras have stripes?’)
  • Some studies show an asteroid killed the dinosaurs, other studies claim it was a volcano.  And some say it was both.   (Either way, something really wanted them dead.  In the military parlance hitting the target twice is called a ‘Double Tap, in case you wanted to know.)
  • Do not sign anything that is, or resembles, a Confession of Judgement. (This is sometimes inserted in a loan agreement by the lender and if signed by the borrower, waives the right of due process and redress, in case of re-claiming activities by the lender.)  Confessions of Judgement are not yet permitted in all States, but they are ok in New York and Florida.  Horrible stories abound telling how some lenders are taking back property and cash without prior notification and any opportunity for defense or redress.  It used to be “Buyer Beware”; now it is “Borrower Beware”, also.
  • In 1995 the average American male weighed 180 pounds.  He now weighs 195 pounds.  In 1965 the average half-back in the NFL weighed 195 pounds.

A) But how heavy is the half-back today?  And what is the problem with everybody putting on a little weight? 

B) How about the Chinese? The Russians?, The Italians? How much weight have they gained? Everybody is always picking on the Americans.

C) This study tells you nothing, unless you were a numerologist and  noticed there were a lot of  9s and 5s in the message.

  • 4 out of 5 Americans live in urban areas which take up 3.6% of total land.  So, good land ‘out there’ must be cheap; but no doctors, no grocery stores…probably few Starbucks.  It is becoming difficult to know how to play these things; hard to figure where to go and come out alright in the end.
  • First borns are the smartest in the family.  (Not according to my own study.)
  • Marketing studies claim the more positive a social message is in a blog , the more likely that message will go viral. So, this is what I say to you, dear reader: You are a good, good person and great wealth and happiness is coming your way. (Pass it on; at least give  it a ‘Like.’)

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