Words Have Meaning Too


A)  Separating from your mother’s home when you are 26

B)  Getting rid of your cable server

C)  Splitting wood and putting it in a big pile.

D)  All of the above ….(This is the correct answer.)


First meaning: A mythical animal looking like a white horse with a spiraled horn.

Current meaning:  A privately held start-up worth over a $ billion, so named because there were to be so few of them, if any at all. …Examples of which are: Uber, Ant, AirBNB, DiDi. Unicorns are real in this material world.


A)  A slimy wormlike thing which slowly crawls across a wall.

B)  How you hit a baseball with a hard smashing force.

C)  A ride sharing term used in reference to people commuting to work. (Used in especially high traffic/congested areas.  (v. I slug, you slug, he/she or it slugs. These are hard times as we go wormlike to work, no?)

All of the above


A)  The possibility that borrowers won’t be able to renew existing loans. (There is a ‘breathtaking’ accumulation of debt today)

B)  Falling out of bed after consuming too much of the grape.

C)  Slipping off the curb in the rain and rolling into oncoming traffic.

(A is most correct; but B & C are possible, too.)

EDITOR’S ALERT!  I think the words: CLIMATE CHANGE will fall out of usage – and be replaced by CLIMATE CHANGED.  Our young ones will never know what the Climate was  like before it started to change. The Climate will always have been changed for them in their minds…so they will not know what we were talking about, what we lost – as if we ever knew.

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