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  • Here is an Economist’s joke:  “The questions on Economist’s Doctoral exams haven’t changed in 50 years – but the answers have.”  Ha! Get it? Read on:
  • Studies show stocks with CEOs having foreign sounding  (masculine) names tend to receive higher profit forecasts by stock analysts than those which have CEOs not so named. The actual financial results do not correlate, however.
  • Dunkin has noticed their business, in the past year or so, has picked up between 4 and 5 a.m.. This means:

1)  People are going to work earlier, because they like to – or they want to beat the traffic.

2)  People are going to work earlier, so they can get to their second job easier.

3)  People want to get up real early and have doughnuts.

Your guess here…

  • JFK noted “A rising tide lifts all boats”.  But I have noticed those with the bigger boats have their boats moored out at sea, floating merrily about, while the smaller boats are lashed to the docks, while their owners are working for wages Monday  through Friday –  and those docks and little boats are going under water, while the waters rise  – and JFK was wrong after all.
  • Comes now an idea for how you can make a lot of money:  First, you must agree that a ‘Problem’ is an economic opportunity.  OK?  So, here is the problem: I read where there is plastic, tiny particles of plastic, in almost all salt. Especially sea salt….and then, of course, salt from Asia, Asia Minor – and places like that.  These plastic pieces sometimes get stuck in our gut – and God knows what those implications are.  My idea?  Crowd-fund a plan to invent a drug which will flush out the plastic bits from our guts.  There are crazier ideas out there – and some have become a Unicorn.  (See the word: Unicorn in the Trending Words section of this post)

Harry Truman said he wanted “A one-handed Economist” so he would not hear  “…on the other hand..” all the time. Me?  I’m looking for one of those three-handed Hindu-God types to give us even more options, for it seems past economic policies are not working in today’s world.  Sometimes I wonder if we are not living backwards, economically speaking.  I am reminded, for some reason, of what the White Queen in Alice’s Wonderland said about the effect of ‘Living backwards’.  “It always makes one a little giddy at first.”  What happens after ‘giddy’?  I wonder.



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