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  • I read where a British Airways plane bound for Dusseldorf landed in Edinburgh instead.  Something about an incorrect flight plan. Which got me to thinking.  Someday, Hackers will do this to all kinds of flight plans and we will be sent every which away. This could be troublesome.  Or, it could make for a good Rom-Com; you know, where a boy meets a girl in a country he never heard of before and they get married even though they can’t speak the same language and don’t even know where they are.  Don’t laugh, there are weirder movies on your screen right now.   Either way, I worry about all this technology doing our thinking for us.  And then to add to my confusion, I read a study that shows we are losing the Artificial Intelligence race.  Who to?  The Chinese?  The Russians?  The Robots?  I wonder, what does Second Prize get?
  • I read a study which says there are more germs and things in an American man’s beard than there are on a dog’s coat.

a)  I always thought that was the case.

b)  Have they done such a study on a woman’s purse?  Let’s compare apples to apples.

  • I read studies show that people who follow a Sports Team find the joy of winning is outweighed by the misery of losing.  So, what is to do?  Move to Boston in the winter?  Move to L.A. all year round?  Why move?  I think there are pills for misery.
  • I read  that when people sit down to read, most of the time it is to peruse status updates on Facebook and such.  I don’t know where this leads; but I hope it is to a happier place.

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