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ALERT: If you are Spiritually, or Religiously solid, and have no doubts about what this life is all about, and why we are here and if you are happy with all you have been told:  PLEASE SKIP this section and go immediately to ‘Wisdom from the Screens”.  This part of the posting is not meant to be disrespectful, rather it is to teach you how off-course an undisciplined mind can go.

  • I read where they said there could be up to 10 to 40 billion planets like ours.  10-40 billion planets?  Jesus.  Did God make all those planets and have only one son?  What if God had other sons? or even a daughter or two?  What if the other outer space  followers of God’s other children are stronger than our own Jesus followers?  And  then I wonder if Jesus came back already; but went to the wrong planet…I mean 40 billion of them.  Who can blame Him?
  • I have read we have gone from the Age of Religion to the Age of Reason…and now I think we are in the Age of Big Data.  I am thinking Data  has obviated all need for Wisdom – and the Age of Wisdom never became an Age, and may never will get its due. I have noticed Big Data requires speed – and speed inhibits reflection.  Where this leads to; I do not have the time to contemplate.
  • I have read from the Well of Wisdom that if prayers are not answered: “Ye pray amiss”.  I believe that, for some reason.  I wish I could believe in the church that preaches Prosperity and that I was not praying amiss and then I’d become rich and that would give me strength in my faith and I’d be good forever.  But then again, I’ve read that “Beggars never get rich”.   And isn’t praying to become prosperous a form of begging?  It all gets confusing, down here.
  • Can we email the Perispirits (spiritual energies)?  Electronic pulses may be just the thing.  Is there a software program for calling them up?…a Ouija software?  If not, is such a software program a crowd-funding idea?
  • I read where a $2.4 million study showed that praying for the sick does not work.  Worse, it is harmful to those who know they are being prayed for.  I believe that.  However, you can pray for me; just do not tell me.

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