Update on Notelflix’s International Production of “Troubles in the Garden”.  (But first: We have received news of Mamzelle Pinkie sightings from around much of the globe; California, Seven Eleven Gas stations in Virginia – and more.  This may give credence to the ‘Multi-Universe Theory’ – of which this Blog spoke of – only last week…or there could be an emerging flock of Mamzelle Pinkie Impersonators.)  As you can see, Mamzelle Pinkie has landed on a Cheese Man’s cart.  She  has taken a peck of Pecorino to see if she wants to write about food in Italy.  She has no idea that The Bluebird of Happiness has crawled through a worm-hole to find her and rescue her from what he considers to be a perilous plight.  (Part 11 of this update is seen at bottom of this post)


Editor’s Note: I have decided to let the best I have go first.  No more saving goodies for later posts.  Let it all hang out.  We are running out of time and you never know if you will have the chance to say what you want to say tomorrow.  So…

But first a few words:

FOSSIL FOOLS:   (I invented this term.  My eyes are going bad and I misread an article about ‘Fossil Fuels’ – and this is what I thought I saw.  It makes sense, though.

STY:  This can be used as a suffix in today’s parlance.  All my life it was used after “Pig” …as in “Pig-sty”.   Recently, I have seen it used after other nouns…as in “The Climate-Deniers-STY…or “Those people in the NRA-STY.”  It is harsh word usage and adds to our nations divide.


  • (As some of you know I have been wondering about Black Holes.   Perhaps the following might help me end my misery on the subject.)  The biggest Black Hole we’ve found is a hundred billion times the size of our sun – and it causes entire solar systems to zoom around, out of control – at millions of miles per hour – spiraling inward into the cascading vortex.  Being tossed around by this unconquerable force with the chance of being eaten up – it is no wonder people are not in the frame of mind to hold down  a 9 to 5 job, or care about how much plastic they throw into the ocean, or try to maintain a stable social relationship.  I mean we could all fly off the earth by a centrifugal force so strong no grappling hooks could help us stay on – and then we would freeze to death in outer space if we had not died from the fright of it all as we got sucked into the Hole.
  • (Comes now a Big Question of mine.)  Do you think you would be better off if you did not read the News?  …Did not Follow the Pundits on the TV talk shows?  …Did not listen to the morning (mourning?) news?  What can you do about the situation (s) anyway?  Who are you to change anything? Should you go ‘All in’, check everything out and see what “They” are doing?  Do you feel better knowing what is going on?  (Or, think you know what is going on.)  I have a couple – of what I consider to be intelligent friends – who have gone “Dark” on world events; they gave up on following the news altogether.  At present, they seem to be enjoying life more than I.  But they have no idea what is going to happen to our water…and what our national birth-rate is  – and why.   I am torn on this issue and I am at the cusp of making a decision about my “News Junkie Habit”.    Either route I take, I think I may end up a Colossal Fool; but at least not a FOSSIL FOOL.  HA!
  • One more item for the day.  I have noticed my phone has taken to not recognizing my face.  Does this happen to you?   I am not saying I was pleased with my face when I set up the  phone-recognition thing – but is the phone telling me my face has gotten worse in the past few months?  Maybe it has.  It might be all the bad news is affecting my looks.  I’ll look into it.

I’ll leave you with words from an ear-worm I have not been able to shake loose:

  • “Father forgive me for what we must do…you forgive us…and we’ll forgive you…and we’ll all forgive each other …’til we all turn blue…’ -J. Prine “Pig & Whistle”

Keep moving,

 (Update Continued).  Our hero, The Bluebird of Happiness, is now in the land of the Humans and other Dangerous Creatures – and is on the search for Mamzelle Pinkie.  Knowing she is a Foodie, he is prowling the markets and has landed in a fruit stand.  As you can see in this most excellent photo of the event, he does not see her a few baskets back – in the Fujis.  As for Mamzelle Pinkie, she does not recognize our hero; for all she sees of him is the back of his head – which see mistakes for an off colored Persimmon.  Fate is often perverse. But, perhaps, soon, they will meet again.  The good news is: Our hero is no fool; the hustle and bustle and temptations of this strange land – with all its goings on – has not yet distracted our him from his heroic mission – even though those pears look pretty good.

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