Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”.  After much searching, our hero, the Bluebird of Happiness, has found a door to a worm-hole which will take him to the land of Humans and Other Dangerous Creatures  – where he will try to rescue his true love (Mamzelle Pinkie) from a perilous way of life. He will not fly there, for the hole is more like a tunnel and it will be a tough journey.  Once in the land of Humans and Other Dangerous Creatures – it will be difficult to find the exit – for it is a beguiling, enthralling and complex place, with hardly any decent way out. (Continued below…)


  • FLYGSKAM: “Flight Shame”.  Originally a Swedish term, now going international.  Referring to the people who are cutting down on taking trips by air – because of the effect air transportation has on the environment.  It turns out air travel accounts for more than 2.5% of global emissions.  And add to that it is estimated each passenger generates about 3.1 pounds of plastic per flight.  FLYGSKAM on you; but what’s to do?  You need to get there quickly.  You have only so much time.  It is a problem.  But then there is TAGSKRYT: Train bragging.  But then you must live in an area where there are trains that can take you – wherever it is you want to go.
  • JASON BOURNE MARKET:  This term describes a stock market condition.  Apparently, when Jason Bourne enters a room, the first thing he does is look for the exit.  A JASON BOURNE MARKET is one where many players are looking to get out in case of emergency.  I have been reading articles which believe we are in such a market today.  The problem with this situation is: Often, the door is not wide enough for all to get out in good shape.  I like the various ways certain people consider rooms.  Mobsters, (I am told, not having actually dealt with any) like sitting in the corner of a room – so no one can get behind their back – and they can see who the heck is coming in.  Me?  When entering a restaurant’s dining room I want to sit as far away from a table with children as possible.  We all have our peculiar preferences.
  • BLUE-LINING: This is where builders build for the rich, only.  Stats show this is the case in much of America today. Apparently, it is much more profitable for builders to build for the wealthy than for all others.  I’ve read that in Manhattan 50% of the last two year’s new luxury apartments are unsold.  …and a large percentage of the recently purchased apartments are not being lived in – as they were purchased by “Internationals” as a ‘back-up pad’ in case they suddenly had to move out of their own countries and need a good place to land.  BLUE-LINING is the opposite of RED-LINING – where Real Estate loans and rentals are unavailable to the lower income levels and especially minorities.  Maybe somebody else will have to build houses, other than the builders.  I have not thought this out yet: but something has to give or the linings are going to fall out of everything – whatever their color.
  • THE MULTI-UNIVERSE THEORY:  This  bizarre theory has been given some credence, of late.  I think one of those ‘Genius Grants’  has been awarded to somebody who is propounding it.  The gist is: Since the universe is infinite, it is possible that an infinite number of worlds exist  – somewhere…and an infinite number of these worlds  are the result of every different choice you or anybody else has ever made…and on and on. For example, if you did not eat lunch yesterday – that world existed – but if you ate lunch yesterday (instead of not eating it) …well, that world existed, too…something like that. It is crazy, of course. Why do I bring this up?  Because if worlds exist for every play-out of every decision ever made; then why is it not possible for every heaven to exist that humans have ever thought of?   There is another theory which holds if man can think of it…he can create it (The A-Bomb and space travel are examples). So why could not heavens exist…all the ones we thought of? Like the Happy hunting grounds, or sitting in God’s Beatific Vision, or  Sitting with Ganesh under a palm tree, or  sitting with your Mom and Dad, forever (If you like them, that is) and they’d be whatever age they wanted to be, forever – and you’d have them be whatever age you wanted them to be – forever, in another heaven – and so on.  Oh, and while I am at this heaven thing – on another tack: If  “Corporations are people, too.”… then, can corporations get in heaven, too?  (If corporations are in heaven, I do not know why I am struggling so hard to get there.) …All this is to say, “I want one of those ‘Genius Grants’ – and I want it in the Here And Now – rather than in another world.”

Have faith, take courage,

“Troubles in the Garden” – Update cont’d: Mamzelle Pinkie is beguiled by tourist traps  – as are many of the humans.  Here she has been spotted by bird watchers as she visits the Piazza Santa Croce (Florence).  Oddly, or prophetically, she is seen resting in front of a statue of Dante – who wrote “The Inferno” and “Paradiso” Which way of life will Mamzelle Pinkie experience the most of?  Will the Bluebird of Happiness find her in time?  In this universe? (To be continued in the next posting…)

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