Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of”Troubles in the Garden”: Our hero, The Bluebird of Happiness, is distressed over the disappearance of his true love, Mamzelle Pinkie. He has heard she zipped through a wormhole and is in the dimension of the Humans and other Dangerous Creatures. Desperately, he searches high and low for the wormhole, so he can find her. Right now (above), he peers his beak into a hole at the bottom of an olive tree – only to be disappointed. (Continued at bottom of this post)

For this posting I will add some WORDS which have come to mind in the recent past…and to top it off, I will throw in a few INCOMPLETE THOUGHTS, thoughts which have been hanging around in my mind and never see to quite go away…

  • THE ‘C’: ..is the traders term for the commodity price of coffee. (A fruit originally from what is now Ethiopia.) The traders yell, “What’s the ‘C’?” , then they buy or sell, depending on the ‘C’.  Now you know.
  •  SENESCENT CELLS:  These are cells which have lost their ability to divide….if you get rid of them, youth and vigor can return.  It has been proven in mice….nice, youthful, vigorous old mice – just what we need. This development makes me feel squirmy.  I think I might feel squirmy about removing indivisible cells from people – nice, vigorous, youthful, old people hopping around – but I have not thought this through. Yet.
  • INFOVORES:  Eaters of information.  Some forms of autism actually help the brain ingest facts and data…the question is being asked in laboratories if these forms of autism can be induced – and create Faux Savants.  OMG as they say in the parlance of the day.
  • OBLIGATES:  Eaters who must eat only meat.  If you were an infovore, you probably would have known this word already.
  • THE U-3#: …equals the number of unemployed people who looked for work in the past 4 months. THE U-6#…equals the number of people who have given up looking for work.  These people are not counted in the Unemployment count.
  • THE FUNDING FATHERS:  There is no such term as far as I know.  I made it up by mistake when I committed a type-o writing about the Founding Fathers for a patriotic piece I’m free-lancing for.  But there could be such a term for those who finance our elections.  Remember who made it up.
  • (Economic term) EXTRACTIVE COUNTRY:… One which takes wealth from one part of the country and gives it to another. This is versus: INCLUSIVE COUNTRY:  One which spreads the wealth.  I think we are both of these at the same time.  Any common infovore would know what the name for that kind of condition is.  (Alert: I found a sort of poetic note of mine which talks about ‘country’ – not as an economic term; but when ‘country’ meant music: “I liked ‘country’ when country meant ‘nation’ before the nation went ‘sprawl’, when men sang through their noses and cheat’n women sang about their woes…I liked country when you could hear the words and the words were clever and made you want to sing through your nose…and maybe even get up and dance. “…When this country was ‘Inclusive’, only.
  • COLLISION CASCADE: …refers to the junk pieces in space and the fact that the chances of accidental contact with them (which will kill you forever) are getting bigger by the day.  I do not know why this bothers me – I have no intention of even climbing a gantry.  I am not leaving this earth by rocket:  But people in places like NASA say this is going to be a big problem in 20 years.  We won’t be able to “get out”, I guess.  But I also read that in 20 years 75% of us are going to be morbidly obese. So, what’s the use of worrying about space junk if we are too fat to get in the capsules?


I have not run out of words; but I have run the allotment for this posting.

Several quick things before I leave you.  I am living in a physically beautiful place. Tuscany.  Beauty you would not believe, Every day, beauty everywhere. My question is: I wonder if living in Beauty improves the person?  Does it give life meaning? If so, I am much improved – and filling up with meaning.  If not, why not live in beauty – anyway?


  • “They never open their mouths without subtracting from the sum of human knowledge.”  -Thomas Reed, describing two congressional colleagues. (For some reason this quote bears meaning at this time.)
  • “Only two things are infinite:  The Universe and human stupidity – and I am not sure about the former.”  -A. Einstein (I think Albert was wrong on this; for I think the Universe will be around for a long, long time.)

Take care out there,

“Troubles in the Garden” continued…: Mamzelle Pinkie, now in the dimension of Humans and other Dangerous Creatures, has been distracted from her mission of becoming a serious journalist – and telling truth to power…instead she has succumbed to the temptations of the Pasta Dolce (Translation: Sweet Pastries) and ‘The Good Life’ of the Caffe Set. Will our hero, the Bluebird of Happiness, find her  – and save her from this meaningless way of life? (To be continued…)

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