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  • FLUID INTELLIGENCE:  The type of intelligence that deals with problem solving. (Innovative and Entrepreneurial thinking, etc.)  Usually starts to dissipate in ones 40’s.  (Me? I had innovative ideas; but I never liked to solve problems. What kind of thinking is/was that?  I wonder.)
  • CRYSTALLIZED INTELLIGENCE:  This deals with the ability to use knowledge gleaned from the past; the vast library of the past, with its deep fathoms of understanding.  Usually  starts to dissipate, if you ever had it, at that age when everything else falls apart.  My problem here is the past is always changing and my crystals are turning into little pointy shards.
  • HIGHLY SUPERIOR AUTOGRAPHICAL MEMORY:  Where one remembers each and every thing that ever came into the brain.  (I have this; but I also have terrible recall – so, it’s a wash.)
  • WOKE:  (New Term.)  Everybody who is anybody is using this word these days – and they like to ascribe this condition to themselves.  It refers to being “Aware of and actually attentive to important facts and issues, especially those relating to social justice.”  It connotes a preference for standing apart from those who are ‘un-woke’, retrograde, or worse.  I was woke before there was the word; but today I fear my deep fathoms of understanding are dissipating.
  • CATEGORICAL IMPERATIVE:  (Old Term.)  An off-putting and ill-sounding Old Term created by E. Kant, which means ‘The way we want everybody to act.” (i.e., Not putting your feet on chairs in public spaces.  Not cutting into other peoples’ driving lanes without using the indicator.  Not yelling into your smart-phone as you walk across the street…Those should be Categorical Imperatives.  If people do not act in the Categorical Imperative manner, they will eventually raise the ire of the Woke.  And then there will come another word we will have to learn.
  • DARK MONEY:  Which of the following do you think is correct?:  a) Money spent to influence elections; but not identified by who gave what to whom.   b) Money spent by who knows who on elections and protected as ‘Free Speech’.  c) There is no such thing.  (‘a’ and ‘b’ are both correct).  Dark Money was created by people who still had Fluid Intelligence and needed to protect their monied interests any way they could.  Those with Crystallized Intelligence are Woke and are aware that Dark Money is not the result of a Categorical Imperative.


  • Dogs have small levator muscles that raise their inner eyebrows and can make their eyes look bigger and more baby-ish.  Makes them look cuter and they know it.  And they then get more treats.  My Fluid Intelligence idea here is if people had plastic surgery done and had levator muscles implanted they could make their eyes look bigger when they wanted and they’d be cuter than they are and they would get more treats.  Which is all people want in the first place.
  • Here is a good one:  I read you get tired in conference rooms because everybody is exhaling and when they do that they are breathing out Carbon Dioxide and then the room gets stuffy from all the exhaling and it becomes harder for you to breathe any more…something like that.  Of course, the meeting is boring anyway, and you might think you are dying of boredom, but you are really being asphyxiated by your co-workers.  Something like that.  Avoid meetings, is the message, I think.
  • I read that rich people are more likely to cheat on their taxes than others.  They also run red lights more than others.  It has to do with a feeling of entitlement.  I know this is true, because when I was rich I used to run a lot of red lights.  About cheating on my taxes – I am having an autobiographical memory recall problem.


My allotted word count for this post has been filled.  We will continue this conversation in the near future. Keep your eyes open wide, avoid meetings and do not run any red lights.  (-cem)


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