How Does The Garden Grow?


  • THE ANTERIA INSULA:  This is the area of the brain that gives us a ‘gut feel’ and helps us assess potential risks.  Studies have shown that when older people were shown pictures of suspicious looking people, this ‘gut feel’ ability was muted.  (This is good news for me, because when I see suspicious looking people, (and I see them everywhere), my Anteria Insula goes wild with energy.  I guess I’m not to be counted among the ‘older people’.
  • EUSOCIAL:  They have found a rodent species in South Africa where the fat ones do almost nothing but mate. These are deemed ‘Eusocial’.  They are infrequent workers who dominate and enjoy the spoils of their community.  (How come no one ever call members of the opposite political party “Eusocialists”? It could be a zinger.)
  • EXISTENCE BIAS:  The disposition to believe that which exists – always will.  Blend that with CONFIRMATION BIAS (the disposition to believe news which confirms ones’ beliefs) and you have got yourself a pretty rock-solid follower.  (If that’s the group you want to lead.)
  • LUNGE FEEDING:  Originally ascribed to the eating technique of Blue Whales as they take enormous gulps to assure ample capture; but now describing much of our own feeding behaviors in public and elsewhere.  Also, witty columnists use this term when referring to politicians who behave contrary to good confirmation biased norms.
  • KAKISTOCRACY:  The system of government run by the worst, most unscrupulous and least qualified people to run it.  (I am not making this up.  The word was confabulated in the 17th century.  Sometime, according to your age, your Anteria Insula might hint you are personally witnessing a Kakistocracy, or that Eusocialists have taken over, or there has been too much Lunge Feeding going on…of course, this all depends upon your Confirmation Biasese..
  • “VIVE LA REPUBLIQUE!”:  This may be a non-sequitur.  But the phrase comes to my mind after reviewing the above bullets.  “VIVE LA REPUBLIQUE!” is what the crowd cheered when they were shown Marie Antoinette’s head fresh off the chopping block.


  • Over the years I have heard America described as being a “Melting Pot” of people.  (William Buckley cleverly said the trouble with a “Melting Pot” is those at the bottom get burned – and the scum rises to the top.)  And then I have heard us called a “Rich Mosaic” of people.  (I guess the imagery here is the individual parts maintain their integrity; but the whole gives a pretty picture, something like that.) Today, as I look at it, I see us as being more of a “Collage” – the assemblage of different shapes, colors, ethnicities, religions – The Great American Collage.  Let’s see if that works for a while.
  • Over the years, I have worked in many different venues:  Mom & Pops, Partnerships, Corporations – large and small -Start-ups, Companies “going under”, on and on…worked with many, many people, fellow workers.  My major take-away from all this roaming about is; Most people are good at their jobs. Me?  Generally, in time, I had to move on, because, in fact, I was never really, really good at any particular job.  So I got to  travel a lot.  Seen a lot.  It has been good.  But the poor person who is good at the job – well, that is the trap.  You could end up doing a good job for someone else for the rest of your life.

I’m told the rule is to keep these postings under 600 words.  So, I get credit for 12 words in the next edition.

Remember, the Great Conundrum:  In this Universe, there is no such thing as Time, it is a mere fabrication of Man; but Time is all we have and it is running out.  So, go out there and do what you want with it.

Best, (-cem)


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