‘Tis Strange, ‘Tis Wondrous Strange; The Ripening On The Vine.

SPEAKING OF RIPENING: (Disclaimer: Some of the following may smack of ‘Political Incorrectness’ regarding the Elderly; but I know of what I write, being a member of that constituency.)

  • Studies show:  Conservatives over 65 pass misinformation on to others more than people of any other age group.  A) Of course, babies and people up to five years of age can’t really compete in this arena.   B) …And the age group of Six to Twenty-five year olds share information only about themselves.  C) We have no readings, to date, on exactly how much less misinformation is being passed around by the rest of the people.
  • Studies show:  Older fathers (Generally ‘well-to-do’ men) tend to ‘throw’ schizophrenic, bi-polar, Alzheimer prone children more often than do younger fathers.  A) Is there no end to these studies?  B) What is a young woman to do?  Marry a young, healthy, poor man for the sake of humanity?
  • And yet another study shows:  (This one regarding Depression)  Drugs work better for the elderly than does therapy.  And who paid for this study?  The drug Industry? 
  • The old saying of ‘Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it’ and that may be true, but my update on this is:  Those who do not learn from The News are doomed.   Either way, there is a lot of dooming going around.


  • Almost 100% of Americans love Pizza.
  • Space makes sounds.  Space scientists have determined that Space, Outer Space, makes sounds.  They call it “The Chorus”.  They say it is beautiful.
  • 2/3rds of jobs in developing countries are at risk from robots and A.I.  (Does this mean more people are going to be on the move, looking for work?  OMG!)
  • Studies show Power causes Brain Damage.  Pictures of the brain where Empathy is centered show erosion of that feature occurring, frequently, among the Powerful. (…and does Absolute Power cause Absolute Brain Damage?  Absolute erosion of Empathy?  This could present a money making study for you.)
  • You have heard “No two snowflakes are alike”.   I think I saw two snowflakes, maybe three, last winter that were exactly the same.  And you have heard “No two zebras have the exact same stripes”?  Well, I personally have seen more than two zebras with the same stripes…and as for fingerprints, I have seen the same fingerprints on many people.  The point is: We are running out of different possibilities and, therefore things are repeating and, therefore again, history itself is repeating as we write.  (See last bullet in previous section, this post)  Do not bother building another Arc. Go with the HOTHOUSE theory, which is to build a glass structure in which to live and grow plants and have nice air and to heck with everything outside the glass house. 

Looking back on today’s posting I see much mentioning of ‘Facts’ and the like.  So, as you go out there into the rest of the world today – let me remind you: “Figures do not lie; but Liars figure.”

So, the best you can do is to go out there and figure on enjoying yourself.  No lie.

Best, (-cem)




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