The Little, Greedy, Multi-Colored Blue Bird of Happiness Returns



  • URBAN SLOBBER:  Another way of referring to City waste run-off.
  • WORKING CLASS:  An Oxymoron.
  • THE WORKING DEAD:  Cousins to the Walking Dead, whereas these sit and get paid while they have the life sucked out of them.
  • SHADOW WORK:  Unenumerated work we do for ourselves. (i.e., pump our own gas, bus your own table, assemble furniture we bought from the store, book our own travel arrangements, do our own medical preps, etc.)
  • TECHNO-TOTS:  Self-explanatory to some.  (Kids, if not self explanatory)
  • NEETS:  Acronym for “Neither Employed nor in Education, nor in Training”- A  naming  of 39 million Millennials.
  • OLIGARCH-OBLIGE:  “Let them flip burgers!”  ( “..And maybe, pay them almost a living wage.”  (I’ve noticed much usage, recently, of the word OLIGARCH.  Here are some new possibilities – all self-explanatory:  Investogarchs, One-percentogarchs, Hedge Fundogarchs, Technogarchs…the possibilities are many and not for the humbled.
  • DRONES:  You know, they have not been around very long – and yet, now,  they are considered a ‘right’ by many of us.  A sign of progress to some – they are beginning to deliver our stuff… after all.  They are already bringing down aircraft…so, get used to them.  It has been said “A river crossed is forever changed.”  And it seems the ‘Drone’ has crossed over the river of humanity…a little while ago they were not up there…back when all we had to do was come home before dark.  The kids, the new ones, will never know a time when the drones were not in our skies…like the stars used to be.
  • UNDOINGS:  Self-explanatory to some.  This word comes to mind when I read some of the above.

Here is a humorous one – to lighten the day.  A word-coupling sent to me from a reader out on the Coast:

  • TRUTH DECAY:  Self explanatory.  (An example of an UNDOING.)

POINTS OF INTEREST  (…Along the way on the American tour)

  • I read that 20% of us think the Sun goes around the Moon.  This has to be either Fake News, or  the meanderings of the TECHNO-TOTS or a proof of  the existence of URBAN SLOBBER.
  • Studies show watching too much TV can cause Dementia and or early onset of Alzheimers.  Also, a low level of exercise does not help the old body.  The study I read does not tell me how much TV is too much – and I need to know.   And if I do jumping jacks and sit-ups while I watch the screen, does that count in my favor?   Who can answer my questions?   Certainly not the NEETS.   Not the WORKING DEAD.  The OLIGARCHS don’t care about my questions.  Maybe the TECHNO-TOTS will send a smart DRONE to my rescue – and all will be revealed.

I cannot remember why HAL would not open the POD doors – but I feel like asking ‘him’ to open them, just this once – for me.

I’ll be back to you soon, if the POD doors do not open.

Best, (-cem)




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