Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: Some of our more simple minded cast members are being lured away from their City dwellings – with promises of a better and more tranquil life out in the rural. Perhaps life will be better out there. Perhaps not. Please note: Bork the Angry Purple Slug (Hidden in the bush, upper left in photo) might have something to do with this movement – and is taking advantage of some of our Stuffed Animals.. Maybe he thinks he could double back and cash in on  falling Real Estate prices in the City – leaving our friends out in the cold and the damp. Who knows what evil lurks? Come back next week for more …


Today’s posting is comprised of topics you might not have thought about in the past week, if you were one of those who were fretting about the President of the United States and his peacefully leaving the White House in January.

  • Before the Industrial Revolution in the U.S., Canada and Europe you might have ended up married to a 4th cousin.  People did not travel far in those days (there being no railroads and Interstate road system) and the odds of marrying within your family group went up exponentially. This explains a lot.
  • Studies show schizophrenia, anxiety disorders and depression is more prevalent in City Dwellers than it is in the other places.  Demographics show a large part of our population has been gravitating to the Cities in the past few decades….but wait!  Recently, reports have it, many City Dwellers are now relocating to the rural areas…Will they bring their madness with them to the woodlands and valleys?  Will the whole country become unstable?  Or will everybody get better?  We will know more tomorrow.
  • Cities used to be the place you would go to, to get good theater and high entertainment.But today you can get all the theater  and thrills you want in your  home – on your  own screens – so, you don’t have to go into town anymore, (what with the crazies in there), to get a little entertainment. You can sit in your den with your 4th cousin, like in the old days.
  • You are worried about Climate Change?  What about the fact that the Earth was 620,000 miles closer to the sun in midsummer 2,000 years ago than it is now?  And if it weren’t for our heating up the planet there should be a noticeable cooling trend.  Who cares about the heating or cooling? I want to know about the 620,000 miles and: Where are we going?
  • Scientists have discovered Black Holes make a singing sound…a B-Flat…the lowest sound in the Universe. This sound was discovered in the Black Hole in the Perseus Cluster of Galaxies and has been singing for over 2 billion years. A B-Flat is many octaves lower than Middle C (in case you did not know). I think Johnnie Cash hit a couple B-Flats – so, what is the big deal?
  • Here is something I really, really wonder about.  A million Sardines get confused and die.  Birds fall out of the sky by the thousands, Sink holes appear in strange places; and some people think all this is because of same-sex marriages, or because we are polluting the earth, or because the Money Changers (of Wall Street) are at it again…Is this the way the All-Powerful gets angry at Wall Street, same sex marriages and plastics?  Killing birds, fishes, and opening holes in the ground as a sign?  Why not speak in English?  Maybe, tomorrow we will get a clearer message and we will then improve things. Tomorrow.

And now a posting from our guest columnist, Mathuzala:


  • “I have just returned from the Cloud and I have seen many facts of which you are not aware…For Example:…
  • …”A few years ago, your Scientists in NYC found in a study of Rat Droppings, 9 virus’s never seen before.  Nothing has been done since then,  to protect you from these virus’s. You probably do not even know about them.  Soon I will tell you how you can become a member of our “CHUMPERS ” organization – and join us in changing things for the better – if not for the better, at least we will change things altogether…”

(Editors note: We cut short Mathuzala’s message at this point. Deeper vetting must be applied to this column. (If you want to know more about Mathuzala’s “Movement”, Go to: Amazon, …Go to: Books…Go to: “THE RAT PAPERS” and Buy! Buy! Buy! – before the Holidays.)

Two quotes before parting:

  • “Yesterday is dead and gone, and tomorrow’s out of sight.  -K Kristofferson, Singer/Songwriter, “Help Me Make It Through The Night”
  • “Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow.” -Punch,  or The London Charivari, Magazine, 1842 (now defunct)

UPDATE ON THE TEDDIES: The winners have been selected; but we cannot speak their names, due to intimidation and  lawsuits by the Losers. Perhaps, next week we can tell you who your favorites are.

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