Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: Mamzelle Pinkie is alone and confused. Though she is a well educated bird from a ‘Good Family’ she does not know which way to go in life. The  poll from our readers was worthless, suggesting an even split; half for her to go with  Jack, the aging Prince of the Land of Uncertain Knowledge; and be financially secure for the rest of her life –  or to fly away with our hero the Bluebird of Happiness – not knowing what is to come next; but love and excitement. Truth to tell neither option is what Mamzelle Pinkie ever dreamed of, for all she ever wanted to be was a journalist, which is what she was trained to be in Bird school – and tell truth to power. (More will be revealed)


  • It is estimated Americans eat 4 pounds of chemicals/pesticides a year – unless they try to eat organic. I guess the message is: “Pay for good food, or pay for the doctor.” Either way, you are going to pay.
  • I read we spend as much on the Military as the rest of the world does, put together. What are we scared of? Or are we aggressive?  Have we become a Military/Industrial/Consumer complex? No wonder our economy is so robust.
  • I would like to know if there is any church, or religion, where if you were to become a member, you were more likely to become rich (in the material sense) than you were in any other church. Sometimes I think I’d like to be a member of that church, may God forgive me. If results were good, I think I could believe in anything these days.
  • I do not know where you stand on this; but I read the other day that 90% of Christian Americans believe in the Virgin Birth and a lot of non-Christians do to. Americans are 3 times as likely to believe in the Virgin Birth as they are to believe in Evolution. (But are they the richer for it?)
  • I also read that some ‘Thinkers’ think Global Joblessness is more of a problem than is Global Warming, and I say I think we can worry about  more than one thing at a time. What about Income Inequality? Or Plastics? Or Education?
  • Speaking of Education, I saw an article which talked about colleges having ‘cookies’ (whatever they are) in their computer driven admission programs – which sort out which applicants are the most likely to be good ‘payers’ (on student loans) and possibly even good alumni donors in the future. This brings me to the question of: What is education for? 1) Improvement of the mind? 2) A job/career? 3) To pay back the School? When I went to college, I thought it was to learn something and become more intelligent. There was no other purpose that I was aware of. But I was not an aware person at the time. I am not saying that those were the ‘Best of Times’ for education; but I am saying I think it is a crying shame that education today seems to be all about jobs – especially since I hold jobs in such low regard. There are proclivity tests given to 9 year olds to tell parents what area  of work the child will be best in. When I was in Kindergarten I learned to whistle. Today the kindergarteners can write and read – but are they happy? The pressure on them must be terrible. I had no pressure on me until I had to go out and work for a living; but I am thankful for those easy years before all that work nonsense began.
  • While I am at it – comparing my time as a ‘kid’ to today’s, I read studies show 6th graders who text 4 hours a day (and many do, apparently) do not develop social skills…do not recognize emotions…which spells lack of empathy, which leads to sociopathic and other uncomfortable outcomes. (ed. disclaimer note: I grew up in the upper mid-west {Ohio} – where emotions were not to be displayed; but we had them, nonetheless) The point is: I think ‘Texting’ is something else to add to our Worry List.

I have made it to the recommended word count for a good posting, so I will leave you with a few words about which to wonder:

  • “Sometimes it feels like like life in America is like being in a pie-eating contest; the first prize being another piece of pie.” -Author unknown
  • “All right, the world is full of idiots and they are in control of everything.You, Fool, stay alive and annoy them!” -Eric Kastner, German writer
  • Make the most of everything in these evil days.”  -Epistle to the Ephesians

Be careful out there, (-cem)

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