Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: Mamzelle Pinkie has a problem, or three. Does she pledge her troth to  Jack the aging wealthy Prince, or to our Hero, the Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness? (See below) Or does she follow her dream of becoming a journalist? She cannot dither long because she will need to build her nest soon – and, besides it is getting cold outside.

Meanwhile: Our two male protagonists are sizing each other up to see how best to gain the favor, or simply seize the wing, of their fair Mamzelle Pinkie. Problems could develop. And the weather is not looking good, either. What good can come from all this?


It has been said that most of our problems are caused by our solutions to previous problems (-Eric Severeid). It has also been said that problems are opportunities (-My High School teachers):

  • For arguments’ sake we will posit that Climate Change/Global Warming exists – and man has something to do with the cause of it all). This should present great opportunities. No? If we tackle this problem man could become rich and enjoy the good life. No?  In my Room of Wonder I wonder why we (as a species) do not pursue our opportunities.
  • I read where a whale can capture the same amount of Carbon Dioxide as 30,000 trees. Why not breed more whales? I have heard about the loggers and their desire to chop down trees and the meat farmers and their desire to chop down trees – and I have not figured out a way to deprive them of their money in these arenas and keep them happy; but maybe if they produced one whale for every 30,000 trees they chopped down we could at least break even.
  • Another problem for us deals with depression. I read depression is the biggest cause of disability on the planet. 350,000,000 people of, all ages, are depressed because of: No food, War, Bad or no drinking water, crawling to the tree line to go to the bathroom – things like that…I figure we have to either: A) License more therapists, or prescribe more drugs (and make them cheap) – Or, B) Increase the food supply (maybe even go ‘meatless’ – may the good Lord forgive me), Decrease Military solutions, and stop it with polluting our water supplies. We can do all of B) – but we do not seem to be interested in this. I wonder about us. And sometimes I worry.
  • I read that they built a ‘Garden of Eden’ for mice (This was a study)…and they calculated it could ultimately fit about 4,000 mice. They started with 8. They found the mice were very happy when they reached a population of 600. As the population grew there was more evidence of autistic and also spiritless behavior. They also found the older the mice became  the more indifferent they became to Paradise. When the population came to 2200 all reproduction stopped. The main conclusions of this bizarre study was: If there is no ‘Challenge’ the quality of life declines…and ‘Challenge’ is necessary. Wrong conclusion, I say. The mice should have figured a way to keep the population to 600. But then there would be difficult moral and political problems…but then again Problems are opportunities. No?
  • On a completely different subject, I see where some pro-football players go bankrupt; but no more in relation to their number than do carpenters, doctors and lawyers and such. They just have more bad knees and head-aches along the way than do the others. There is no opportunity for this problem – as far as I can see.
  • I have also read that humans have the same bio-mass as do termites. Apparently we represent about .01% of all plants and animals…bio-mass-wise. But our footprint is bigglyest. We have wiped out 83% of all wild animals and 1/2 of all plants. (The termites have eaten a few houses, it must be said) Domesticated animals, and their feed, will soon account for 60% of all bio-mass (it has been written) So, do not say we do not account for nothing. Speak about creating our own problems. Opportunities abound.

I know this posting may seem like a little bit of a downer – so here are a few words to pick you up.

  • They are making great strides in mattresses these days. Today’s mattresses have: ‘sleep numbers’, climate control, and even defibrillators. A good night’s sleep is important and can help you deal with the problems of the day (See previous 2 posts)
  • “The lark’s on the wing: The snail’s on the thorn: God’s in his Heaven – All’s right with the world!” -Robert Browning
  • “In this best of all possible worlds…all is for the best.”  -Voltaire
  • “Grab your coat and get your hat, Leave your worry on the doorstep, Just direct your feet – To the sunny side of the street.”  -Dorothy Fields

I will take the opportunity to be back to you soon,


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