Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”:  There is no photo for today’s post because of the Writer’s Strike. But Woah!  What is this?  How did Bork, the Angry Purple Slug get in here?  Some critters just can’t stay out of things.  It’s like as if they were Psychotic Narcissists and simply can’t stop worming their way into our minds.  While he is here, it might be a good idea to sneak into his house and see if he has illegally stashed anything important there.  Come back next week for more action.


  • QUIZ QUESTION #1:  What do you think NUSANTURA is?:  A) A popular (semaglutide) injectable medicine, which will reduce your body fat better, cheaper and less dangerously than bariatric surgery.  B) The soon to be constructed (2024) brand new Capital of Indonesia which will replace the sinking, overcrowded (10 1/2 million people) current Capital Jakarta.  C) The name of the 3rd installment of “AVATAR”, coming to a streaming service near you.

Answer is “B”  (“A” is properly named “Ozempic” …as for “C”, we do not know if there is a 3rd installment on the way. Good idea though.

  • QUIZ QUESTION #2:  Which of the following categories is showing a significant drop in business activity?  A) Cruise Ships  B) Colleges which teach the ‘Humanities’  C) Dollar Stores

Answer is “B”…enrollments in the humanities have plunged almost 30% in the past 5 years….the uptick has been in computer related ‘Sciences’ (aka tech world)…Cruise ships are booked at 102%   Covid and other onboard sicknesses be damned.  As for the Dollar Stores there are more of them than McDonalds, Starbucks,Walmarts, and Targets combined and the Dollars is booming.

  • QUIZ QUESTION #3:  Who will pay more taxes, per capita, for the year 2024?  A) The typical Student Loan carrier (there are millions of them)  or, B) the typical Billionaire (there are only 600 of them)

Answer is: We do not know yet.  The U.S. House has deleted some of the funding for the IRS which planned to use the funds to audit more of the Tax returns of individuals making over $400,000

  • QUIZ QUESTION #4:  Which of the following has been reported to be answered correctly with a ‘Yes’?:  A) Watching ‘Social media’ up to 3 hours a day can be Mentally Unhealthful, making you feel lonely and jealous, etc.  B) There are more than 4 million more women than men in the US…and those who work make less than 80% of what men make doing the same job  C) More than half of Gen Z and Millennials say they are living ‘Paycheck to Paycheck’  D) I just received an ad on my Instagram account telling me whether or not I could retire comfortably on $2.5 million (I did not hit the ‘Learn more’ button)  E) The name of the “Airline” that sent Immigrants from Texas and Florida to California and Washington and the NorthEast is Vertol  F) Is Man is making Progress because in the 1400’s it is estimated there were over 20,000 leprosariums and today there are almost none – however, there are almost 4 billion people going to bed hungry every night.

Answer is: Yes to all but “F”

A few words from MATHUZALA our Resident Rodent Guest Columnist:


  • “I am not here to tell you we rats don’t have a bad rat or two in the pack every now and then.  When  we discover who they are, we punish them according to their just deserts.  We have noticed you make exceptions when it comes to dealing with the top members of your pack.”

Ed. note: Were you to want to know how MATHUZALA and his kind deal with their miscreants, go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS” and see what a little justice can do.


A Quote or two:

  • ‘Mr. Meadows has maintained a commitment to tell the truth where he has a legal obligation to do so.”  -So sayeth Mr. Meadows’ lawyers.
  • “In American Democracy, the voters get what they want – good and hard.”  – H.L. Mencken

That’s it from here for now… and a fond “Hello” to  Bob (Virginia Bob), wherever you are.

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