No Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”. Our photographer went on sympathy strike with the scriptwriters – so we pulled out this old photo from our Archives. To our astonishment we see  – anew – synchronistic relevance in this shot: Stuffed Intelligence co-existing with old fashioned Human knowledge. Is this symbolic of the past? What will tomorrow’s photos reveal? Come back next week for more (we are told the strike is over).


  • AI: I have been thinking about this Artificial Intelligence business.  You know, when you are asked if you are a robot and you say “No” and then they ask you to check off how many crosswalks you see in the photos and if you do that correctly, they let you go further in to whatever it is you were going in to – because you are confirmed a human.  But can’t these Artificial Intelligence things figure out what a crosswalk is on a photo?  And cheat? How easy is that?  I’ll bet they can…and the whole world as we know it is about to change, by golly.  I have been reading that jobs are going to be lost and students are going to cheat on exams, and Chatbot is going to write the movie scripts…I think I saw one of those AI written shows last night. I hated everybody in the show…but I could not stop watching it, anyway.
  • APPS FOR APES:  For over 10 years now Orangutans have been playing online games with various Apps.  Although this is not new news, it is worth contemplating. We  know the apes have been writing many of our TV Series. What’s next? Will they run for political office? Have they done that already?
  • UNDERSTANDING IT ALL:  The driving force of Evolution is to preserve the species.  Yet, there is a theory that the Theory of Evolution is still evolving.  And another theory that we have stopped evolving before we fully evolve.  (And that is where AI & Chatbot come in with the final curtain.) Some say if two snowflakes are ever the same, snow has stopped evolving.  Same with Zebras.  I have seen two zebras who are exactly alike – and many snowflakes which are identical.  Does this mean Evolution had stopped before we invented AI?  Are we as good as it gets? Is AI’s primary driving force dedicated to preserving itself?

And now a word from MATHUZALA, our Rodent Resident guest Columnist.


  • What is to say?  If you go to your search engines, you will not find many new stories about rats; other than some experiments you are doing on us.  The New York ‘Rat Czarina’ is not getting much coverage, for she is not winning the day.  We  rats are making much progress.  We are moving to the ‘Burbs’, while still staying in the Cities.  These are good times for us.

Ed. note:  Were you to want to know what MATHUZALA and his ever evolving pack are up to, go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS” before it is too late.


Today, in our Piazza, they held a ‘Festa’ for the Vespa’…about 200 ‘Vespasian’s’ arrived, sat around for an hour or so, had coffee and then departed.  Word has it they were headed for Sienna for lunch.  Remember Marcello Mastriano in “La Dolce Vita”?  It is a continuation of that sort of thing.

A quote, or two:“

  • Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”  -George Orwell, “1984”
  • “A society becomes totalitarian when its structure becomes flagrantly artificial.”  – George Orwell

That’s all there is…and a fond “Hello” to Morgan’s Chris, wherever you are.

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