Note from NOTEFLIX Productions: Due to “Lockdown & Social Distancing’ we  have not been able to produce many episodes of our series “Troubles in the Garden” . Our readers will be glad to know our creatures are well and the love affair between our hero, the Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness and Mamzelle Pinkie continues – as it is not a fiction. Also, you will see Qween Ezmiralda is still a camera hog. (We have been informed there are many Mamzelle Pinkie Impersonators throughout the land, and are happy about that- a sincere form of flattery) We are eager to begin our new production schedule soon – and deliver wholesome, clean and happy shows – to provide a counter-point to the culture of the day.

  • HUCKSTERS;  I am told, years ago, HUCKSTERS would travel the country in wagons selling ointments and elixirs to inn0cent American people.  Ointments and elixirs which could grow your hair, help you lose weight, ‘Cure What Ails You’…One man not only sold his medicines, he sewed goat testicles on to mens’ testicles to promote a greater sense of masculinity. He became one of the richest men in America in the early 1930’s.  Anyway, times had changed and the FDA and other government agencies put curbs on all that.  But wait!  It looks like times are a’changing back to where they were.  Only this week, on my iPhone, on  ‘Instagram’, I saw:  “Buy this Eucalyptus…Blue gum…ointment and improve your memory”,  and…”Breathe into this amazing device and it will tell you all your nutritional needs, it will tell you how to improve your metabolism! – for only…”and…”With these sleep ointments you will not only get a better night’s sleep, you will live longer!”…”Take my exercise program and read faster and memorize more…”   It goes on and on.  Laser therapy devices to remove body pains, heat warming knee bands to make you walk easier and remove that limp….Creams which will make you look younger, or fitter, or better looking than you ever imagined…and so it goes.  Sometimes, they won’t tell you how much any of this stuff costs until you tell them your name, address, etc….and then they offer you fantastic discounts…Thank god I already sleep like a baby and remember everything I’ve ever come across and really look good for my age – or I’d buy all this stuff – even if I didn’t get the discounts.  I don’t think the government is going to do anything about regulating these present day snake-oil salesmen, because seventy-million Americans would probably riot in the streets claiming they were not free to buy whatever they wanted.  AAAHH, Freedom.
  • IDIOT:  This past week will be remembered for:  A Doctor asserted on live TV if you took the Covid 19 vaccine, you would become so magnetized that you could hang a spoon off your forehead.  It goes to show you can get air-time if you really make outlandish statements.  Here is another reason to remember last week:  A  U.S. Congressman (Gohmert, R. Texas) asked a National Forest official if it’s possible to alter the Earth’s and Moon’s orbit to address climate change.  It’s true, you could look it up.  It does make one wonder about ‘Democracy’ and Voting…and makes me think maybe everybody in Congress should have their votes re-counted – just to make sure the right person is in office.  It’s been a problem for a long time, these nut-jobs in the Capital.  Mark Twain, over a hundred years ago,  said “Congress is an IDIOT – but then I repeat myself.”   I think he would turn over in his grave if he heard what is going on today.
  • TV FAMILY: I have been taking in a good amount of ‘screen time’ during Covid and have come up with a thought, therefrom. “Back in the Day” when TV first got a grip on the American viewer, the networks showed a vision of America through shows like “Ozzie and Harriett”, Marcus Welby, M.D.” and “The Dick Van Dyke Show”.  These were mindless programs that showed ‘good, wholesome families’ which probably did not exist to any great extent in reality.  But, America thought they did, and many households tried to live up to the high, happy, bar of the Nelsons, etc.  I am coming to think that was a good thing.  I’ve been watching the present day’s version of the American TV FAMILY on the screen:  There is a TV FAMILY which owns several companies, has billions of dollars in the banks and off-shore, and everyone in the family is a deceitful, lying, immoral jerk.  You hate everyone in the show.  Five seasons – and you want more.  There is one about heads of families who trade billions of dollars worth of stock everyday and they all hate each other.  Another has a couple, a lawyer for a big law firm, married to a States Attorney General who rip each other apart in court  – after having sadomasochistic sex with each other.  Everybody loses integrity as the show moves along – including the viewer.  Once again, there are not enough seasons. Another, about a hard drinking detective who is divorced, with a son who committed suicide and things fall apart from there –  you are only in season 1, and you fear they won’t make another, or if they do, it will take a year before they show it.  Come back Ozzie, come back now.  So, if life imitates art, we are in for a world of hurt, unless we take some ointment that is selling at a fantastic discount which puts us to sleep before the nightly viewing starts.
  • PROBLEMS: I read we can predict floods…forecast pollution levels; but we cannot plan and deal with these PROBLEMS, because: We vote for present costs and present benefits. ( Meaning “We” don’t want to pay…) Remember the statement by Eric Severeid, a  Newscaster in the 2oth Century, who said, “I’ve noticed most of our PROBLEMS are the result of our solutions to previous PROBLEMS. Today, I suspect most of our PROBLEMS are going to be caused by our not even trying to solve our PROBLEMS at all. But, maybe if we change the orbit of the moon…
  • THE LAST BULLET:The Great Red Spot on the surface of Jupiter has shrunk in diameter in recent decades, but has increased in height and depth, with swirling gasses of at least 200 miles per hour.  With facts like that available for our high-school students, how will they have room in their memory banks to study about our own world and how well we treated the indigenous peoples and the “Laborers” we brought to America against their will?  Maybe, a clever Texas High school science student, not being inhibited by our nation’s past,  will figure out how to change the Earth’s orbit – and we could forget all about history, forever.

And now a word, or two, from our Guest Columnist, MATHUZALA:


  • WCACCW!  (Pronounced from the back of the throat:  “Wuk,k,we!”) “We Cannot Afford Civilization, can we?”  That is our ‘Battle Cry”.   Your unbridled search and worship of profits and money, prevent you from cleaning up your act.  What you do in the end is what you were always going to do; which is nothing to solve your problems.  We will take them on from here on.

Ed. Note: We do not know whether that is a promise or a threat. come back next week for more…and if you are not among the initiated go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS” and learn more about WCACCW.

A few relevant quotes:

  • “It’s a simple question:  What’s in your wallet?” -Capital One ad
  • “The medium is the message.” -Marshall McLuhan, i964

Take care out there and “Good Day Lucy, wherever you are.

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