Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of ‘Troubles in the Garden”: All work has been halted during the Lockdown.  Meanwhile, a new and disgusting looking creature has entered the scene. Is it a worm of some kind? A snake?  Who knows anything, anymore? Our Hero, The  Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness and his true love, Mamzelle Pinkie, and a few others have come out to see what is what. Does danger lurk? Stuffed creatures do not harm each other, do they? With so much going on these days, it is difficult to know anything for sure. (See next week for more action)


A lot of interesting things are happening down on the ground…far away from the Electoral Process.  My phone is constantly sending me ‘News Alerts’.  The headlines are written by people or algorithms who, or which, know how to grab my attention.  Often I click on a headline, but if I want to read further than the lead sentence I have to subscribe to the Magazine, Newspaper or whatever it was.  So, yesterday I added up how much it would cost  if I subscribed to every piece of printed media I wanted to read. To access the NYT, Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, The Economist, The Washington Post, The Nation, Bloomberg, National Geographic, The Smithsonian, etc., it would cost me over a thousand dollars.  Mind you, I would be offered low-low gift subscription prices to give to my friends and relatives.  And, granted, I could cancel most of the subscriptions ‘any time’ (if you believe that, you are an innocent).  What has happened?  I used to buy a newspaper, for small change, read it on the way to work and call it a day.  Today, I know more about everything than I knew before; but I am more confused than ever and there isn’t enough time or money to keep up.  For example, if you were not to read the paragraphs  below, you would never be in the know – but maybe you would be better off.

  • I read the human jaw is getting smaller; but our teeth are remaining the same size. What I want to know is what is happening to the size of our mouths?  Is anybody studying that?  My mouth is getting bigger as time goes on..and it is getting more difficult to regulate.  You could put that in the study.
  • To our new Readers:  Almost every week I add some interesting tidbits about our fellow insects & animals.  Here is this week’s sampling  1) Studies show Mosquitos prefer human blood to that of mice and other critters – and the mosquitos are getting thirstier as time goes by.  2) There are about 5,000 kinds of Worms – some small, some 22 feet long.  (The long ones are in South America.  I’m not going there.) There are Hammerhead Flatworms in France – eating the escargot.  (The French say these Hammerhead Flatworms don’t belong in France.  But where do they belong, if not in France?) The New Zealand Flatworm is eating other worms at alarming rates, which is unusual, even in the wild, and nobody seems to care.  I read Pythons are taking over in Florida and some other red States.  I say, let’s pit our Pythons against the New Zealand Flatworm and see what happens.  3) Disagreeable men  (they are animals too) make 18% more money than agreeable men.  Women, agreeable, or not, make less, either way –  just because.  If you could advise a young male whether to be agreeable or not – what would you say? …What advice would you give to a female, of any age?
  • About 40% of murderers get away with murder.  Alarming, but if you’re considering murdering someone, the odds are, you will get caught.
  • There are a lot of news stories these days about ‘Cheating’.  People cheat to get in good schools.  People cheat after they get in good schools.  Some of the ‘Best & Brightest’ are cheating to get ahead, and they are already ahead.  Aircraft manufacturers And big Pharmaceuticals cheat on bidding.  Congressmen cheat  (you knew that; but maybe you did not know that over half of them are millionaires.)  Borrowers and lenders cheat.  No wonder that Greek philosopher walked around with pebbles in his mouth, in search of an honest man.
  • The Government wants to break up FaceBook – just when I figured out how to use it.
  • Concrete materials weigh more than all the Earth’s bio-mass.  Think about that for a while.  Don’t say man does not have an effect on this earth.

And now a few words from MATHUZALA, our guest columnist;


  • Man has difficulty planning past Friday.  The 22nd Century, less than 80 years away, will be a century from Hell if WE do not deal with the rising waters.  Hell won’t freeze over, oh no, it will be drowned out; if left to the plannings of man.
  • You do not like each other.  That is a problem for you.  We rats all get along with each other.  With all your studies on us, you have learned little of what we have to offer.

(If you want to learn more about Mathuzala – and his Human friends, Go to: Amazon, or Barnes & Noble, then go to: THE RAT PAPERS. It has been told The Washington Post receives almost 150 books a day for review…and reads 15 a week  and writes reviews on up to 5 of them… just imagine how hard it is to find a good book in all this chaos…and here you have found one without having to wait for the Media to tell you about it.)

Three Quotes:

  • “There are some people that if they don’t know, you can’t tell them.” -Louis Armstrong, recorded “What A Wonderful World”.
  • “The broad mass of a nation will  more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.”  -A. Hitler, you know what.
  • “He who cheats with an oath acknowledges that he is afraid of his enemy; but that he thinks little of  God.” -Plutarch, (AD 46 ) Thinker


ALERT : The Update on The TEDDIES’ Award Ceremony has been hacked! The Promo-Photo we usually insert here (see last week’s posting for reference) has been eaten by Bork the angry Purple Slug, who is no better than a French Flatworm.   Above, our cameras show Bork trying to slither off from the scene – but he is too stuffed to get away quickly. The TEDDIES (and  proper photo) will return next week.



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