Update on Noteflix’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: Unfortunately, our cast is still on a sympathy strike with the Writers Guild. Some of our creatures are out of sorts and beginning to run wild. See here Qween Ezmiralda the Leader of the Land of Stuffed Animals confronting our photographer and not allowing us to show you what is going on behind the scenes. Is this crazy? Or is it a metaphor for what is going on in much of the world?


JOBS:  There are lots of fresh off the press articles about the Jobs in America  these days. Recently, the following facts and opinions have come to my attention.

  • Jobs are lost to: Globalization, Technology, Efficiencies, Robots, AI, Just lost, and more.
  • The jobs which are lost are not coming back …like the Fresh Water Salmon are never coming back; but we do not want to talk about fish; we have enough on our plate.
  • 60% of workers are in jobs that did not exist in 1940.
  • People need jobs to keep them out of trouble, so, jobs are a good thing.
  • People must work hard and cannot be lazy or they should be fired. ( According to an ‘op-ed, probably written by a Venture Capitalist)
  • He who has a job making robotics is making the last stuff people are making.
  • We do not have enough people to do the jobs we do not want to do; but we do not want new people  coming here …maybe children can do them.
  • People do not want to go back to jobs in the offices in San Francisco.  They want to stay at home and do their jobs there.  They actually want to leave San Francisco altogether and stay at home, which is somewhere else.
  • The purpose of Education is: For to get a job.  (N.B. Tech majors up – Humanities majors down)
  • In the Medieval times, when an ordinary man walked on to a Nobleman’s property looking for a job, it required 3 to 4 hours to train him on how to do the job needed to be done.
  • When there are a lot of new job offerings it is interpreted as a good thing because businesses are expanding.  And when there are a lot of people working, it is good for the people (food, housing, etc.)  But when you payX workers more for their work it could be bad for the economy because the price of things could go up. Some say ‘wage increases’ are the main driver of Inflation.  Others say ‘Greed’ and ‘Supply & Demand’ are the main drivers.  Who is to say?  And if there are a lot of jobs available people could look around to see if they want to change jobs which could destabilize business plans.
  • To have a 3.7% of  potential workers out of a job is the right number for our country. (Question: How many people is it that we want out of work? Do I have this right?)
  • Studies show: Moods are directly related to the digestive system and not as much to the job you have. So if you are in a bad mood, consider changing your diet before you move out of San Francisco or changing your job.  On this subject, another study reveals eating pasta is associated with a healthy lifestyle and can lead to a longer life. (To be fair, this study was done by “The Neuromed Institute of Pozzilli, Italy” and may not be totally objective, nor have anything to do with JOBS).

And now a few words from MATHUZALA, our Resident Rodent Guest Columnist:


  • “It is getting hot out there.  And it is getting hotter in the subways than it has ever been.  We rats cannot abide the heat. We are coming up and out and into the cool apartments above ground. In order for us to survive we are going to have to change things.”

Were you to want to know exactly what MATHUZALA and his pack are doing, how they are improving their condition; go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy the (non) Best Seller “THE RAT PAPERS” before it is too late.


Notes From Tuscany

  • The summer sun has finally come out.  The vineyards are green.  Flowers bloom.  The Americans have arrived – along with the Germans, the Dutch and the French.  People seem to be happy here, smiling, taking photos with their phones so they can show their friends what a good time they are having.  Berlusconi has just gone to his own reward and Government workers were allowed to take the day off, if they wanted to mourn.  All is right for now.


A quote, or two:

  • “It’s true, hard work never killed anybody, but I figure why take the chance?”  -Ronald Reagan, Former U.S. President
  • “I have long been of the opinion that if work were such a splendid thing the rich would have kept more of it for themselves.”  -Bruce Grocott, British Politician

That’s it from The Room of Wonder this week…and a fond “Hello” to Stefano R, wherever you are.




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