Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: Our Heroine, Mamzelle Pinkie is being pursued by our Hero, the Bluebird of Happiness (Pictured below)  – and also by the handsome, aging, rich, Jack the Prince (Pictured even further below). Mamzelle is in a dither, because all she wants is to be is a journalist and tell truth to power…but the other options are attractive…

…Meanwhile, our Hero, the Bluebird of Happiness, eager to pursue Mamzelle Pinkie – prepares to do battle for her wing, repairing to the rigorous and spare training grounds of his warrior days. Steeling himself for the oncoming competition…and the joy of victory…( See even further below for more update)



  • I have an old note here, dated in 2015. It says, “Warning: A report came out saying warming will cause: People dying from flooding, Famine – farmers going broke, Infrastructure failure, Dangerous heatwaves, Land & Marine eco-systems failing.” Did no one read that report? I wonder if we (Humans) are going to do something about all this, or are we going to wait it out and live (possibly) with diminished expectations. I used to think that what I had to do was do what I can to get ahead in life. “Get mine”, as it were. I’m beginning to think the only was out for us to to get rid of that way of thinking and get it together.
  • I read that in the Midi-Eval Feudal days a man could walk onto another man’s property and get a job and in 3 hours he could be trained to do whatever skilled job it was that needed to be done. Today, we go to school and pay, maybe, a hundred thousand dollars, or more, to get skills and still have trouble getting work and then if we do, it is difficult making ends meet. I’m not saying I want to return to the Feudal Ages – but this does not look like much progress to me.
  • I have this thought that when man picked up a stone and threw it at someone or scratched a rut in the ground with it…that what he had done was invent the first tool…and that the purpose of it was to make his life easier and everything, everything that he invented since was to make his life and its burdens, easier…and here we have these  phones, the Internet with all its tubes and things, and the GPS and electric cars and fast food places and…and I do not think life has gotten any easier for the all of it. Do you? Everybody seems to need more work to get by.
  • Speaking of work: There is a shortage of labor on the ski slopes, in the restaurants, in the big cities altogether…but no one wants to pay enough for the workers to work there…and there are a lot of jobs the robots do not want to do – but it takes more than 3 hours to train the would be workers and who wants to pay for the work? Not the CEO’s who are making 271 times the amount of their workers? (2017 figures – I do not know what the figure is today, could be higher) On top of all this I read the Economy is BOFFO…and yet Retail is losing thousands of stores and up to a hundred thousand workers and G.E do not even talk about G.E. And I keep seeing on TV the ads where the furniture store lost its least and has amazing sales and why do furniture stores always lose their leases ? and who can afford the furniture? Not the low wage teachers, social workers, maids, fast food workers, retail workers, gardeners and such who are having trouble making ends meet, let alone buy new furniture. The good news is those jobs just mentioned are not the jobs robots want to do. Not yet.

My work here is done for the moment. A few words from the sages:

  • “Getting tends to make us want to get more…and eventually come to the… ‘the rapacious desire for things” -Farnsworth, ‘The Practicing Stoic’
  • “True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country.” -Vonnegut
  • “…Most things, in fact, are better in the morning.” -Dr. Lewis Thomas

Meanwhile: Jack the rich, aging Prince has repaired to his land of wealth and is gathering a sampling of his riches with which to woo Mamzelle…The Prince realizes things beget things. He hopes.



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